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Be happy with your job!

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4 days ago

Hello dear friends, today I come to tell you a little more about me; I want you to know me because I have seen that this journey that has just begun will continue for a long time, so I'm already settling in and getting comfortable to continue enjoying this wonderful community that God has put in my way thanks to my friend @Microreylatos.

Taking advantage that we are in the month of Love and friendship I want to set aside a few seconds to thank those people who like him have always helped me move forward and succeed in each of the things I do. I will never forget you Reynaldo, thank you very much for the opportunity you gave me and I hope to live up to the commitment.

Well friends, continuing with my story today I want to tell you about my beginnings in the world of handicrafts. It all started in a rehabilitation room, that's right friends, in 2012 I was operated on my knees and every day I had to go to recovery therapy, there I met a lady who knitted beautiful things and without thinking twice I started talking to her and asking her about what she was doing.

I remember her name was Maria, she was a very kind person who encouraged me to do it, she told me that it was something very easy and if I liked knitting I would learn very fast. So I did, I was encouraged and when I got home I told my old lady Petra (the next door neighbor) what I had seen and she said _I can teach you. She immediately looked for the needles and threads that she had saved for years and taught me the basics, then I did much more research and watched tutorials on YouTube.

Little by little I began to quench my desire to know what it was like to knit. I really wanted to make many beautiful things; I bought magazines, went to workshops, bought materials and made many friendships that I still keep today.

This world of crafts is something beautiful, here there is no selfishness and we are always active renewing ideas and sharing everything we get new in social networks.

Thank God he put in my way again very nice people who wanted to teach me and that from the beginning was a gain for me, then in 2013 I set up my own knitting business and to this day that has been my job and people love everything I do.

Do not think it is easy, knitting is a matter of patience, to make a piece it takes hours and even days to finish it, so I take these lines so that those who read me understand that crafts are not just anything; the work of the craftswomen should be appreciated, valued and no one should put a price on our work.

Another advantage I have had in this work has been living near Caracas where I have been able to get many materials of different quality, type and variety of colors that embellish the piece even more. Thank God every day I get orders for things and that helps me a lot to have my own income and help at home with the expenses, especially now that the situation of the country has been very difficult.

I also do other things like cross stitch embroidery, making things with recycling, making clothes and lingerie with the sewing machine, making rag dolls and of course cooking for my family.

In these years I have worked for many people and what I like the most is to see their faces when they see their orders already done. Their eyes open and a big smile comes out, that is what gives me satisfaction and drives me to continue doing what I do and to continue perfecting my work every day.

I really like their blessings, their words of appreciation and the pictures they send me with the baby wearing my designs. So that's where I say that in this life you have to do things that make you happy, that's why I tell you, God gave us all a "gift" or even several, it's just a matter of seeing what you like to do and make the most of it.

See you later, I hope you have a nice week.

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Written by   21
4 days ago
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Your design is very nice and I didn't know what you sewed. so I'm going to hire you to fix me a few pants and I mean it!

Thank you very much for the nice word towards me, I'm sorry I'm a little dry but it makes me feel a bit sad, but the feeling is mutual ☺️

I never abandon people who need my help

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