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@Carolinacardoza: My introduction to the community

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8 months ago

Hello friends in this 2021 I have been presented with the opportunity to enter a new home, so far I only have questions, doubts, questions to clarify and that has me very awake. I am attentive to every move, to every explanation that my host @Microreylatos gives me, he has been very kind in presenting the proposal and now it is up to us if we follow him or we remain paralyzed.

I chose the first option and now I just want to learn fast to add up winning. Here I have already met with known people and that gives me more confidence, I have also followed several like for example @ wakeupkitty which I found an amazing writer.

The first thing I did when I entered was to follow some communities that go with the type of content I want to write, travel, contests, family, are topics that interest me a lot. But there are also others that I didn't see in communities such as photography, nature, animals, religion, family, among others. I hope that soon they will be created or if not, I will be able to do it myself.

My name is Carolina Cardoza and my user has the same name, I started in the world of Blockchance more than two years ago thanks to a friend who invited me; endless reasons that made me make the right decision and so I had the opportunity to open the door to a world full of opportunities, I started to earn my own money, meet people, laugh, dream, write, invent, create, be active and little by little I fell in love with all this.

I am a country girl, born and raised in a town in the state of Táchira, Venezuela. They say that the people there are cordial, friendly, cheerful, respectful, not just me, but all those tourists or visitors who have made their way through those Andean lands. So if someday you have the opportunity to travel to Venezuela, do not miss the opportunity to visit my beautiful state.

I am the daughter of farming parents, where they grow tomatoes, sugar cane, paprika and everything you can think of, it is definitely a land blessed by God. I have 11 brothers and sisters, many nieces and nephews, two children and a wonderful husband that I love with all my heart.

For 16 years I have been living in Guatire, a beautiful town in the state of Miranda, Venezuela. Here we are very close to the capital of the country, Caracas, where the public powers and big companies are concentrated.

For no one in the world is a secret the crisis that unfortunately Venezuela is currently experiencing, since it has fallen into the hands of those who should not have and have completely destroyed it. It can be said that the productive apparatus practically does not exist and those that still survive are in precarious conditions, added to this the high rate of young people and adults who have left the country has left us with a great emptiness.

I am a manual worker

Since I retired from the company where I worked in 2012, I turned to the world of crafts, for that I prepared myself for a long time taking courses, workshops, I bought my sewing machines, wool, knitting needles of all sizes, fabrics and so I was growing and selling my merchandise in many places and many people. I am a specialist in crochet, cross stitch embroidery, baby clothes and many other things.

I also love to make things for the house, decorate spaces, recycle and recently I have learned to cook.

Thank God I have a beautiful family that always supports me and although they have not wanted to get involved much in what I do, they know that what I'm doing I like and makes me happy, so I always count on them, they are patient and help me a lot.

I like to travel and enjoy nature

Since 2005 began a series of trips that took me to many states of my country, always during the year we saved to go in December to visit Venezuela; unfortunately for political and economic reasons we did not do it again, so for now I am only content with knowing the parks, rivers, streams, beaches of Caracas and Miranda state.

In Venezuela we have beaches, rivers and mountains, if we want cold and snow we go to the State of Merida, if we want desert we go to the Medanos de Coro or if we prefer the jungle we go to the Gran Sabana where you can see the highest waterfall in the world "El Salto Angel".

Finally I tell you that I am a faithful believer in God, I believe in love, in family. I am a Venezuelan woman, a warrior who continues to fight for my country. I am the mother of Israel (20) and Fabian (16), two good, responsible and intelligent sons. I am the wife of José, a wonderful man that God put in my path and whom I have loved deeply for 27 years.

I know it has not been easy to continue living in a country where we used to have everything and now there is only precariousness, scarcity and ruins. But there is also the other side of the coin, those of us who stay here keep going, we work hard, we help each other, we share and we try to make each other's lives happy.

There is a saying that goes: "The good ones are more" and "There is no evil that lasts 100 years" so our love and our faith in God will give us the strength to continue.

We Venezuelans are very cheerful, we laugh at everything and although some have tried to steal our smiles, they will not be able to stop us.

Here I am with you friends of, I hope this is the beginning of new opportunities; I say goodbye but not before telling you "Put a smile to life".

Images taken with my Kronos-net cellular camera/


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Written by   260
8 months ago
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That's right, my friend, there is no harm that lasts 100 years and they will not be able to with us, I hope this platform can enjoy your content, and well here we are in a new adventure, I know that with God's favor we will do very well.

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8 months ago

I think it's going to be a very good idea.I did not know that you were from the Andes and that you live in guatire, that was what I are going to have a lot of successes in this network.

Towards infinity and beyond my friend!

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8 months ago