BCH Teens PH, Iloilo: First Online Meetup and Merchant Stores

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Last time, @sjbuendia planned a meetup of Youth for Christ members who are interested to join Bitcoin Cash here in Iloilo, but since there's a pandemic COVID-19, cases here in the Philippines increased and people died. With that, a community quarantine was implemented last March 15, 2020 until April 14,2020. Classes were suspended and mass gatherings were not allowed.

What did we do amidst the outbreak of COVID-19?

  • In order not to waste any time, since we're just doing nothing at home aside from household chores, we messaged some members of YFC through Facebook.

  • All in all, there are 20 young people whom we oriented about BCH and read.cash through chat.

  • 5 of those members have stores/retail stores. So, again we encouraged them to accept BCH as payments for their products. Benefts of using BCH as payments were discussed to them.

What are these stores selling?

  • These are retail stores in every barangay who sells groceries.

Store owned by Rica's family (Other photos will follow since the signal is poor, I managed to upload only one, hence I have alot here for proofs.)
  • There's this one member, who's business is selling VPN accounts, airline tickets, and e-loads. Among all, her store will benefit the most. Why?

  • Using BCH for payments can attract more costumers since the billing can be done online. People from afar can send their payments from home directly to her and it wont cost you to go to a remittance center. (Her payment method was through these remittance centers, now she won't bother to go outside and leave her shop just to receive the money.)

What can these stores do for promoting BCH?

  • These stores as I have said are located in barangays, a small community in every town or a village. People here will one by one be introduced into BCH. (Stickers will be given to them after the community quarantine) BCH will be introduced into the market until it will be well known here.

Fund Raising for YFC Community

There had been some instances where we cannot gather more youth to join our community because of financial problems. Some could not attend because they don't have enough money for fare, enough money to attend our activities. There are times where we need to have registration fees which we use to buy all that must be needed in that certain activity.

(Pictures will follow.)

Money has always been a problem to us youths since we are still dependent to our parents and sadly these are sometimes the reason why despite every year that we can gather youths, we still losing some of them. As a leader in this community, I am pushing financial literacy for teens. Together with @sjbuendia, we will teach them about Bitcoin Cash and not only to teenagers but to everyone here in our town first and then to all of the municipalities in Iloilo, Philippines. Honestly, this could also be the reason why I joined BCH community and read.cash. I want to earn BCH and help my family.

Sj has its own funding for spreading Bitcoin Cash and he has plans for it. We will be working together with him, giving him a hand to help spread Bitcoin Cash and onboard merchants. In the meantime, we are selling our Light Tokens (🌙) to help us provide and help more youth join our community and the BCH community.

Light Token

Token ID:


Symbol- 🌙


Tokens Minted- 10,000,000

Price per token- 1000 sats

We are selling our Light Tokens in memo.cash https://memo.cash/token/15b04af645e13db9c319135e22a9aeb1ab34e666893ed90b77093a1ee76b1cad?for-sale

You might want to give us light by buying our tokens, you can buy this in memo.cash and at my account, username carmela.marie.

I am also proud to announce that the YFC community is preparing a book consists of articles, arts, photos and so much more that were all made by our members.

We will be selling this book in BCH and you can also use our Light Tokens to buy this book. We will offer discounts if you buy this book using Light Tokens.

With or without funds, we will still continue spreading BCH and onboard new merchants to accept BCH payments. We know that BCH can help us.

(Photos will soon follow guys, I'm very sorry. Will update this with pictures soon if I get good signal for Internet. I hope you understand, thank you. ❤️)

Update❗ Photos can be seen here, click the link below. 👇


$ 6.50
$ 5.00 from @Read.Cash
$ 1.00 from @Koush
$ 0.50 from @ErdoganTalk
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2 weeks ago
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