Kidney failure will definitely worsen into uremia? Dont ignore these 7 phenomena

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Before seeing patients on dialysis on the screen, I felt panic and bloody.

But every dialysis means "live" for the patient .

The kidney is one of the most important organs in our body. Its most basic function is to generate urine . In addition to it, it metabolizes human waste or poison, and has a powerful endocrine function.

Its job is to ensure that the body environment is balanced and stable.

If the kidney is damaged, its function will also be affected, which will affect the body's metabolism.

It is known that the ultimate stage of kidney failure is uremia, and the appearance of uremia means that no matter how it is treated, the kidneys cannot recover and can only delay life through dialysis.

Of course, another way to treat is to change the kidney.

However, the kidney source is not what you want to change, nor is it successful with every transplant, nor is it possible for any uremia patient to change kidney.

Once the kidney is damaged, all the rules are placed here, and the patient has few options.

How do we avoid the appearance of kidney failure?

Then we must be alert to its symptoms, find out and treat as soon as possible, and avoid serious consequences:

1. Urinary symptoms

The kidneys are mainly responsible for filtering blood and forming urine.

Kidney failure, a large amount of foam in the urine , is a manifestation of proteinuria. In the late stages of renal failure, nocturia increases, but urine output decreases.

Then kidney volume is also smaller, with the condition gradually worsened, the patient urine output gradually reduced until it appears no urine .

Changes in urine output are the most significant symptoms of renal failure and should not be ignored.

2.The symptoms of physical poisoning

The kidneys form urine, and the body's toxins are excreted with the urine.

But the emergence of kidney failure can cause the kidneys can not filter toxic substances in normal blood, and then the body will appear poisoning-like symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, sleep well at night, loss of appetite and fatigue and so on.

3.The digestive system symptoms

Due to kidney failure, abnormal water and sodium metabolism in the body can cause digestive edema.

In addition, the kidneys cannot excrete toxins and impurities normally, and toxic substances can accumulate in the digestive tract, causing digestive disturbances, making patients thirst, loss of appetite, aversion to meat and protein-containing food , and frequent nausea and vomiting . It can also cause gastrointestinal bleeding, blood in the stool and other symptoms.

These symptoms are mainly manifested by the digestive tract, so it is easy to relax the vigilance of the kidneys.

4.Cardiovascular symptoms

Patients with renal failure are usually complicated by hypertension .

With the worsening of the disease, blood pressure will continue to rise, the human body is under high blood pressure and high urotoxin stimulation, protein and electrolyte metabolism disorders, acid-base imbalance, and then cause myocarditis and pericardial effusion and other cardiovascular symptoms.

This kind of symptom is more dangerous. At the same time of treating cardiovascular disease, renal function should be checked and treated.

5.Hematopoietic system symptoms

Renal failure, the reduction of erythropoietin in the kidneys, affects the body's hematopoietic function, triggers anemia symptoms in patients, accompanied by skin ecchymosis , and bleeding in the gums, nasal cavity, and fundus .

Many people with this symptom ignore the cause of kidney failure, which causes it to continue to worsen.

Therefore, anemia of the body may also be caused by renal failure, which cannot be ignored.

6.Nervous system symptoms

Electrolyte disorders caused by renal failure can also affect the nervous system, leading to headaches, memory loss, and even sexual dysfunction in patients .

As the condition continues to worsen, the patient may experience symptoms such as drowsiness, confusion, and pain all over the body, and even stiff faces, inability to move limbs, drooling, twitching and coma.

Neurological symptoms prevent many people from linking them to kidney failure, but kidney failure does cause these symptoms.

7.Respiratory symptoms

Kidney (renalfailure can also cause patients with dry cough and nasal foreign body symptoms, and with Kidney (renalfailure, it continues to affect heart function, causing patients to have difficulty breathing and paroxysmal cough .

In addition, diabetes, hypertension and chronic patients, always thought that the disease can be brought under control without medication, in fact, difficult to control irregular medication complications, kidney disease which is one of them.

Finally, bad living habits, smoking and drinking, staying up late, urinating, and high-salt and high-fat diets will all damage the kidneys. How many people are doing these things?

Like cancer, uremia is closely related to lifestyle.

And if we only enjoy the present, the cruel future will not be too far away.

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Topics: Health
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