What Human Forget to do as a Human...

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Today entry, could probably be the most sincerest writing from me as a human to another human being who will be reading this. (*I wrote this somewhere in April).

As I grow older, I start noticing, how we human tends to 'neglect' that we sharing the same earth, we sharing the same Oxygen breathing through our veins. Sharing the same color of blood despite having varieties skin tones. The 'reality' creation based on status, wealth division, appearance, education level, standard of living, somehow put gap between one living soul with another soul.

"Collection 1: Consciousness is a bless"

We wake up every morning hit the gym, work for our employer with passion (very committed) five day a week, stay busy, get our schedule tight, being so excellent with those monthly, quarterly and yearly Key Performance Indicator (KPI), but some of us might never even smiled to the other human (we call as neighbors) who live next to their residency. Some even like cat and dog, fight each other for no profitable reason.

"Collection 2: Pink clouds took with my iPhone, no filter applied"

Collection 3: The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing - Albert Einstein"

My little heart is discomfort to see how humanity, catch up very well with the Globalization, Digitalization, Robotization, Automation here and there and at the same timeline we can be so forgetful to do good (well at least good intentions) to the other human civilization. We are sharing this earth with other living creatures, animal, plants and trees too. Not ask you to do any big thing, just at least, maybe to feed a dog in hunger, do not litter, or the simplest, not throwing your cigarette butts in those drains. Small action, big impact when we are all contribute a little.

"Collection 4: I have realized that the past and future are real illusions, that they exist in the present, which is what there is and all there is. - Alan Watts"

Everything that we see through our bare eyes, are too subjective for me to explain, and for us to fully understand. We are all have been raised differently, with different cultures, having different childhoods stories, different traumas. To some extend, we might even possess different definition of Reality. Hence I should not consider all human are the same.

Anyhow dear earthly, it will never be wrong to do good to other particles of matter regardless whichever form or status they are. But if you seem so powerless to do so, having good intention every time is more than enough. If you have heard about something we call, 'Affirmation'?

Till then, stay safe.

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