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Cat flavoured day at Christmas time with a cat guest at home

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5 months ago
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Cat Kajal

 Cat Garu probably prefers to have a cat tree at home instead of a Christmas tree

Garu spending his pent up restless energy climbing cloth rack at night time

Most humans will obviously look forward to having a Christmas tree, but cat Garu will more likely want a cat tree instead of a Christmas tree. Yes, the restless fellow was jumping on my cloth rack/cloth stand.

This was during the time I could not spend time with him as I was in the hospital last month because of my mother's drug overdose hospitalisation, the story of which I narrated in my other 2 articles here - .

Continuing my hospital life story with circumstances forcing my family to deal with a crisis

Hard struggles of life admitting a psychic family member to the hospital

A surprise Cat Guest at home - Cat Kajal who I meet at the hospital

Kajal, the green, grey shaded cat that’s a regular at a Cafe in the hospital premises

However, this Christmas month, we are back home and now I got a cat guest in my house. She’s the greenish, grey shaded friendly cat that hangs about at the Hatti Kappi Cafe in the hospital premises. You can read about her in my last week’s Caturday post

New cat in my life that I unexpectedly encountered at the hospital - Sweet!!

I spayed her yesterday and she’s resting now.

Cat Kajal recovering from the spraying surgery she underwent yesterday

Hopefully, I can release her back to her surroundings in a few days when she’s healed, I have been instructed to keep her rested till 5 days.

I am glad that inside the hospital premises, she’s safe, because outside the hospital premises there are these dogs about. If she did litter, her kittens may be in danger with dogs around in the vicinity.

Dogs in the vicinity just on the outdoor campus of the hospital

I named this cat Kajal, which means eye dye in Hindi, as I felt she has beautiful eye dye shade colour.

Taking Kajal from her hang out premises was easy, as she was the most cooperative and trusting cat I have ever seen, I was able to take her by my cat bag itself.

Easily picked up Kajal from the Cafe premises area without her putting up much of a protest

For spaying her, I took her by carrier, but all throughout the journey this girl was tame. I am really touched by Kajal’s trust in me.

Tame Kajal when taken for spraying to the clinic

 The only bath my cats have is a sun bath!!

My pet cats Garu and Mochu today posed for this picture in the sunshine.
They both keep relaxing in the sun around the balcony and they seem to like to have a private space there to chill about.


Cat Garu relaxing at the balcony, graced with some sunshine on my chair

Sunbathing is the only bath they take, there has been no water baths for them for a long while.

Mochu feeling sleepy with a portion of sunshine warming him

Anyway, Mochu is one such cat who I've known since July 2018, has never bathed. Ha, no we humans can’t keep clean without any bath for ages and only cats have the ability to be clean without taking a bath for a lifetime.

It looks like cat Garu looks his most handsome best when graced with sunshine on the balcony!!

My house cats take bed and sofa comforts for granted

Empty Bed, Mochi takes to sleep while nosey Garu wants to fiddle with the plastic sheets on

Another nice thing about my cats is that they can enjoy home comforts as well. They are hybrid cats that enjoy the raw pleasures of shine sun and soft comforts of home beds as well.

Mochu declares a holiday but it’s Caturday silly so did this writing work for a Caturday post!!

Mochu says not to open the computer to work this holiday season!!

Happy Christmas everyone.

Mochi says, it’s that time of the year where people don’t waste time working on the computer. Ha, silly boy, it’s Caturday silly so even if it’s christmas, I choose to work writing a Caturday post . Anyway…

Happy Holidays!!

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Written by   1
5 months ago
Topics: Cats, Pets, Photography, Writting, Life, ...
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