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US Election- 2 Cases That Might Change Results

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2 months ago

The Supreme Court handles matters of the constitution. The following case is extremely stong because the violations aren't even disputed.

My very own beautiful state of Texas is SUEING 4 other states for their unconstitutional handling of the election! I love my state.

For Pennsylvania as example to change the way their elections are done going against current laws, was illegal.

By law they must amend their constitution before making changes like that. They didn't do that. Which means they violated the constitutional rights of the citizens. Since their actions directly effected vulnerability of the election. Now it was insecure on a massive scale that could potentially effect the results. Making it illegitimate.

Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin all changed their elections unconstitutionality.

Enabling massive potential fraud. This caused 'injury' to citizens of Texas (and every other US citizen) because the election was no longer secure. Results of an illegitimate election directly effects them. They have a perfect case.

Shockingly, those 4 states don't deny or contest that they violated the constitution.

There's simply no denying that....

Their argument is that they don't want to overturn an election because it's never been done before and it would cause all sorts of problems. Even though their mishandling of the election directly caused it to be vulnerable to massive election fraud on the scale that could actually effect the outcome of the election.

These 4 states made it to where your votes actually don't even matter. They committed crimes against every citizen of the United States.


Case #2--

45 days after election day....

The Director Of National Intelligence filled a report informing the White House as well as some other agencies concerning election interference they had discovered. That report becomes public December 18th.

If for example China was meddling in the election causing massive voter fraud, that would overturn the election. Period.

What makes me think that is the case is because after having private meetings with United States Attorney General William Barr, Mitch Mcconnell was all of a sudden having the attitude that Trump will definitely be serving another term. Actually all of his administration seems to be pretty confident that Trump will be serving his second term now, rather than 2024.

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Written by   335
2 months ago
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