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An Examination of Anton Chekhov's Story Writing Technique

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2 months ago
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Most of the time, I have placed more emphasis on knowing and understanding the owner of the work than the work itself. So I would like to put aside the story that I have been working on as a review for now, and mention a few general information about Anton Chekhov.

Anton Chekhov; he is not one of those writers who have spent such a long life. Therefore, he wrote all of his works, which are still popular today, in a forty-four-year life span. Of course, if we leave the fourteen years of this forty-four-year life as childhood, only thirty years remain.

So what made Anton Chekhov so special that he became one of the masters of the art of writing unique stories?

Chekhov; He was born in 1860 as one of the middle children of a family of four children. I don't know if history reminds you of anything, but Darwin's The Origin of Species was also published in 1859. So you can understand that this is the period of Karl Max, Darwin and Lenin. Chekhov, whose father was a grocer by profession, started his first profession as an apprentice with his father. (I think it is a good profession for its time, where you can communicate with people)

He wrote his first stories during his high school years. (Man in sheath, Literature Teacher) From Doctor to Author Chekhov shared many stories and articles in local magazines and newspapers during his university years. After graduating from college, he published his first book, Melbourne's Tales. Another point that attracted my attention was that his main profession was being a doctor. I guess that he conveyed his professional experiences and events as a story, when I saw the stories he wrote at that time such as "Fugitive" and "Lifeless corpse", I realized that I was not mistaken in this prediction.

We can say that Chekhov does not have a political opinion and does not interfere with meat and milk. I also think that the years 1886-1887 are special. Because in both years, Chekhov wrote a book. Therefore, we can say that that period was the most productive and productive period for Chekhov. He is said to be close friends with Lev Tolstoy and Maksim Gorky. I was even surprised to learn that the letters between Maxim Gorky and Anton Chekhov were put into a book under the title "Correspondence".

I can actually understand that. Because musicians know other musicians, painters other painters. That's why it's normal to have good friendships with several different authors. But I believe that this friendship can be seen in the works that have emerged. Because if we think that they are in an exchange of ideas with each other, it is very common for them to influence and be inspired by each other. Now that we know a little about the author, we can move on to our stories.

I will first examine the story of the Ambassador, which we chose from Anton Chekhov's book "Woman with a Dog".

Since I am not sure whether you have read the story or not, I would like to tell you in synopsis format, but I found something much better. It is the short film of the story. It's a bit more than a nine-minute amateur, but I liked it overall. Of course, since it is an adaptation, it is also normal that it does not exactly match the words in the book. I invite you to hit the play button, so as not to say that I haven't seen a short film based on Anton Chekhov's story in this mortal world. If you think that I will not waste my precious time with a short film of nine minutes and continue reading from the bottom line, do not tell me, but continue reading where you left off.

One thing in particular caught my attention in this story of Anton Chekhov called The Ambassador. We usually come across a beginning like this in stories: Once upon a time .. This is actually a preliminary stage. But Chekhov, on the contrary, stumbled into the story and made the following entry:

Shhht… Let's go to the doorman's room, not here...

Who is the doorman, what is not, who will he go with? Therefore, with an intriguing introduction, it manages to attract the attention of the reader from the very first line. After that, the characters continue to play. However, since the conversations between the characters do not reflect their feelings and thoughts sufficiently, Anton steps in as a narrator and gives us information about the development process of the events. Of course I don't see this as just giving information. This situation also contributes to the fact that the story is based on solid foundations. So, after the characters talk to each other, Anton gets in again every time. I think this detail is critical for story writers. Apart from that, Anton's unique ability to describe stands out in our story.

For example, the following section in the last paragraph of the third page:

Dezdemonov combed his hair, straightened his vest, covered his mouth with his hand, coughed, then walked. At that moment, the feeling that the character is a real character is at its peak. Because this action is an action that most of us do in such situations.

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Written by   3
2 months ago
Topics: Writing, Freewrite
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