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Spending Sundays...

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1 month ago

According to the Bible, Sunday is the seventh day in which the Lord has taken His rest after completing His creation. For us, Sunday is the day we go to church and hear mass. To hear the word of the Lord delivered to us by the presiding priest. We intently listen to the Homily given by the priest, as this is where we are made to realize the readings in our daily lives.

Since the time of pandemic last year, going to church to hear mass has been put to a halt. Now, we have transitioned to hear mass over the television or by any other video sharing app available. Or, for the most of us, we just have our family together and keep ourselves in the presence of God and give our thanks for all the blessings we have received.

As for the rest of the day, we spend it by having to take care of the house chores that was not finished the day before. Or for some, are just starting to do it. If we have a good day, house chores would be done on the morning or early afternoon. After that, we dedicate our time in having some bonding time with our family.

Now we start with the fun part, the real opportunity for us to have to spend time with our family. We can go about it in numerous ways, so long as we have fun with the family. Typically we just want to unwind and feel the fresh air in our face so we go out and have a leisurely walk around the block with our fur pets in tow. Watching our fur pets get the fresh air and new environment to play around can bring a calmness to our being. Or if you don't have pets, no worries, just spending time with nature has its own soothing effect on us. Some may even plan their whole afternoon on the park, having a picnic and good time with friends and family.

Or, if you prefer to be just a home buddy with the family, a movie marathon never gets old. Any genre will do, or better yet, have a play list for the family to enjoy. As for me, we just search randomly and select by vote which movie we will watch. As I am writing this article, we have already finished a couple of movies. And if you're following me at, you would know what movies I'm talking about. Or better yet, check out my posts below:


Enjoying watching movies can get your family bond closer together. You can have discussions about the things that you have seen on the movie. This is also one way of having those Parental Guidance tagged movies to be watched with your children.

Closing Thoughts

Having to spend your Sunday the best way is always going to be challenge, as a day of rest is not enough for you to do all the things that you want to do. The important thing is to be able to spend it with your family and loved ones while regaining your strength and revitalizing your spirit.

Now, off to the next movie for me and my family. Thank you for reading until the end.


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Written by   19
1 month ago
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You had a great Sunday Boss Ben! I was as usual doing household work since I'm not working today. 😁 Have a great Monday!

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1 month ago

Yes, I did. Thank you Momma. I'm sure you had a great day too with your family 👍.

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1 month ago