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Shuttle Service: The Perks

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1 month ago

The Covid-19 pandemic really have changed the landscape of our daily lives. Be it in our homes, our work and our society. One affected aspect in our daily life is also our way of transportation to and from our work. This is the topic I am sharing today.

This time of pandemic, shuttle services nowadays have become more and more the norm of transportation. With employers giving consideration to the safety and welfare of their employees and their company's operations as a whole. They have opted to hire additional shuttle services for their workforce to comply with the circulating minimum safety protocols with regards to shuttle services.

Fortunately for my company, they have opted to hire additional shuttle services for thier employees. Also exchanging the type of transportation from buses to vans. This move made it easier for employees to be picked up from their homes or at least at the nearest accessible route available for the shuttle service. This in turn, lessen the exposure of employees from the outside world in consideration to the ongoing condition of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In effect, this also lessened the transportation expenses of employees, as they don't need to commute from their homes to the pickup point, and vice versa. At this point, employees who opted to be dropped off at town or any other location can do so, as long as it is within the driving route of the shuttle service is ok.

Another perk that can be derived from what I have said above is the preparation time of employees to be picked up. Meaning, instead of having to leave their homes and commute to the normal pickup point, they just have to worry about being in their designated new pickup points. Which means, longer sleep time or shorter preparation time to go to work is needed by the employees.

Furthermore, having to be picked up at the nearest designated pick up point during these rainy season has been an added benefit as you don't have to worry about getting soaking wet before you go to work when there is heavy downpour. You can wait at home for the shuttle service right before it comes to the pickup point, provided you are in communication with any of the passengers/co-workers in your shuttle service.

Most important perk of all is the lessened accessibility or opportunity of the Covid-19 virus to have a chance to affect the active workforce. Of course, we are taking our own personal and work precautionary measures against the spread of the Covid-19 virus serious. We still wear our face mask and face shield even inside the shuttle service.


Having been provided with a shuttle service have really been a great convenience to everyone (employees and employer alike) because of the perks that I have mentioned in detail above. It was well received by the employees when even the sitting capacity was reduced to accommodate the governing policies of having only 9 passengers instead of 18 passengers.

I do believe that even if we go back to normal or at least the new normal, our shuttle service will still continue with this arrangement. Unless, there will be amendments on the implementing safety protocols in our country or specifically for the working sector.


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Written by   19
1 month ago
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