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Everybody Loves The Weekend But...

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3 months ago

I was thinking awhile back what to use as a topic to write about. And it's the weekend, why not write about it. So, this is my prompt for today's article. It's all about the weekend.

Most of us are always on the lookout for the weekend. Why? Primarily because we have that free time for ourselves to do the things that we want to do. Or even have that planned weekend getaway that has been planned for so long you can't wait to get it started. And for some, just want to have that lone time to contemplate and reminisce about the times that made a mark on their lives.

The expectation

Before the pandemic hit, most of us are always on the lookout for those weekend getaways that have been packaged and can cater to a small group of people typically eyeing for a 6-8 number of persons in a group. And these kinds of packages have been plastered all over social media especially travel blogs that would have reviews of a specific tourist attraction or an up and coming tourist destination. Such a time have been heavily hit since we had the pandemic and we can do nothing about it. Some have even been stranded on location due to the travel ban imposed at that time.

Others may have opted for a simple weekend over at the local mall, and go to watch the latest craze on the cinema that have brought out throngs of people to watch it. And after that, have a cozy dinner over at their favorite restaurant, eating their delicately selected food for the night. Then have a stroll around the mall and find their favorite spot to watch the night sky and talk about anything to pass the time.

While others, just choose to be at home and have their home entertainment at the ready and get their barbecue grill setup and all the food prepared as they're going to have a party with close friends and co-workers just to unwind. Spend their time talking about stuff they did over the week and their up and coming plans for the next week and so on. The important thing here is to relax and keep in touch with them after a week of getting work done and grinding day by day.

The reality

Fast forward to our present time, the things I mentioned above are still far from getting back on track, as we still have a high number of covid-19 cases here and there. And with that we are stuck on our own homes, left with our devices, to connect with the outside world.

Other than that, we also take time and get those house chores that has been piling up over the week and get it done. Be it doing the laundry, cleaning the kitchen, maintenance of the freezer, or trimming the grass outside the house. Some may even say, to take their time and do some gardening for those who are plantitos and plantitas.

And after doing all that, we find time to relax with watching those new shows or the latest craze over at Netflix or any other site that has that show on their list. Some would also opt for watching a complete series of a kdrama or cdrama that has been talked about in detail over social media or even just having their favorite actor in it.

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days when we can only grab our back pack with our daily essentials and needs and go on an adventure for the weekend. We need to plan for it carefully as there are now safety protocols and travel passes that needs to be acquired before you can go to your destination. And also, always prepare something on the side in case of emergency.

As for most of us, we can only spend the weekend at home with our family. But that is what's important, to be with family and have that family bond strengthened. This can be done by doing activities such as watching movies, educational games, or learning a new skill like cooking or making art. It's your choice how to spend this precious weekend time with your family.


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Written by   19
3 months ago
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