How to withdraw BitcoinCash from Rising Star play2earn crypto game

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March 2022

They are on the raise, they are unstoppable, play2earn crypto games will define next few years in the crypto world.

Most of them require you to buy NFT to be able to play. Like Axie Infinity or Pegaxy and many others.

There are also (in smaller numbers) play2earn crypto games that are free to play and you only need crypto wallet to play it. One of those free2play NFT games is Rising Star. Being frugal crypto enthusiast (I invest only what I earn) this is a perfect opportunity for me.

My initial thoughts were that you can't really make any good money since it's free to start, but I was wrong. I just started few days ago and right now I'm grinding daily missions and read about the game as much as possible. I'm on level 14 right now just bought my first Card - 10 Fans.

Rising Star is HIVE blockchain game and getting to know HIVE a little closer, learning about tokens and Hive Power is a challenge for me. That's why I want to post about how to withdraw BitcoinCash from Raising Star, as a reminder.

In last few days learned that it's fairly easy to make 1000 Starbits per day or so by just doing daily missions Illegal Busking, Open Mic Night, Mid Week Support Slot etc. Price of Starbits token varies and currently you get about $0.30 per 1000 Starbits. Free money.

So the process goes like this.

On the top right Starbits menu click on Hive Engine Balances and you will be redirected to website. Make sure you are logged in.

Click on Swap button on top menu.

In the modal window select from Starbits token and amount you would like to withdraw to your BitcoinCash wallet.

For destination token choose SWAP.BCH since you can't swap directly to BCH. This is BCH pegged token. Leave slippage as is and click swap button.

After the transaction is made check your wallet. You will see SWAP.BCH token there. Now there is only one step left, click withdraw button inside your wallet in order to withdraw to your BitcoinCash wallet.

Check the note which says: There is a 0.75% fee on withdrawals. For Ethereum, ERC-20, BNB, BEP-20, Polygon (MATIC) and Polygon ERC-20 withdrawals fee is 1% and you will also pay for the Ethereum / BSC / Polygon network gas fee.

As you know BitcoinCash has tiniest fees and that's why it's my preferred choice.

Above I have used my Noise/Read wallet to test if it works and it does, very smooth and fast like always.

That's it, easy way to earn some free cents.

I like Rising Star so far and I hope I'll advance fast.

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Disclaimer: I'm not a financial advisor, I post only my own experience, so always do your own research on the subject before investing anything. Post may include affiliate links. Thanks for using them.

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Question no 1. Is it for free or need deposit?

  1. How much i can earn from there?
  2. Mention about time and strategy
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1 year ago

Hi, as I mentioned above I have just started playing it so I can't really answer 2 and 3 from my experience but I can say you don't need any deposit to start playing it.

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