Funny Cats not funny anymore

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_ Episode 46 _

September 2022

Crypto gaming is exploding this year. New projects arise every day. Some are good, some are bad, some are disaster.

As always DYOR specially if it is play2earn game and you want to invest in new project to get a chance and make some money. This is true for every project but sometimes when entry is low, meaning I need to buy NFTs for few bucks and I have crypto on the side I'll probably jump into it and see what happens. If it is free2play I don't even think about it, I have to try it, but I'll check first if it's worth the time.

That's how I started with Funny Cats, another copycat project on Wax. Entry was very low, under $2 for 5 Felix cats NFTs, if I remember right. In the meantime I managed to upgrade 2 cards and get 1 rare Yoda NFT and 1 uncommon Bagira NFT.

And than AtomicHub blacklisted the game. I jumped to their Discord to discover devs are selling entire project! Red Alert. Starting price is $1000. The reason stated is devs are mostly from Ukraine and they can't maintain it any more. Someone reported them to AH as this is suspicious action and they got blacklisted.

However, there is another side of the story. This is the tweet explaining what happened from devs perspective.

Someone asked: "Did AtomicHub send the message before or after INSTANTLY BLACKLISTING? I feel a 'hey, can you confirm this or that in next 72 hours,' woulda been nice of them.

Answer from devs: "No. We got the message that our collection is blacklisted and no one wants to talk to us for the second day"

But Trent Davis, co-founder of NFTGamerTV and MetaForce Comics explained that Cats NFTs are not actually original work, instead they used images from FriendlyStock even though they terms of use states that "you can not resell, relicense or give away our graphics (also applies to NFTs)".

So if Funny Cats team somehow actually have the rights to images the game still have a chance. They didn't respond to the accusations by Trent yet, as far as I know it.

Anyway, the game still works and the 2 tokens Catcoin and Catnip are available on Alcor for trading.

For me personally it's not a huge loss. I learned my lesson not to invest without researching with RollerCoin and Pegaxy :) It will not happen again.

So yes, play2earn crypto gaming is booming but that only means there are more and more shitty projects, fakers and people who want quick money. If project authors are anonymous there can't be responsibility for eventual loss. Doing detailed project research is the only way to protect yourself.

Thank you for reading.

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