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Guide To Sign Up Read.Cash (For My Future Invites)

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2 years ago

What is Read.Cash?

Read.Cash is a platform that allows you to earn extra money for your original articles. They don't pay you in dollars, but they will pay you in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) instead. You can also get paid (or the so-called upvotes) from other users if they find your content interesting, or just earn points by either publishing or commenting. So, basically, you will just have to post original content and interact with other users to earn here.

Is Read.Cash legit?

Yes! 100% big, fatty YES! Since I joined this platform 3 weeks ago, I have cashed out multiple times already. So yes, there is no doubt that this platform is legit!

Ready to join the Read.Cash community? Here's how to sign up:

  • First, you need to create an account. Please use my referral link by clicking it here.

  • Upon signing up, you will be prompted a message box with the Read.Cash's simple rules:

Read.Cash's simple rules
  • Hit the "Understood, agreed" button to proceed.

  • I have not tried the Badger Wallet myself, so I won't tackle this one here. Assuming you don't have that one either, then focus to Nickname and Password.

Fill up form
  • Once you have completed the form, you will be prompted with a "Welcome" message.

  • As shown in the image above, there is an important message that tells you to write down/save the 12 words or what they called "seed phrase". NEVER IGNORE this seed phrase or you won't be able to withdraw your Bitcoin Cash if you lose them. This is serious, guys, so please, WRITE DOWN or SAVE them for your own sake.

  • Below is the seed phrase. Every wallet has its own seed phrase. Remember, NEVER give your seed phrase to anyone! (PS: this seed phrase here is just for tutorial purposes, and is just a dummy account that will be deleted right after I'm done here)

  • Here's another Warning message from Read.Cash that you should never ignore.

Keep this in mind
  • You will also be given your Bitcoin Cash address where you can send/receive your BCH.

  • And then lastly...

Now, you are ready to start your first post. Remember, before you write something, be sure that your post does not contain any obviously illegal and inappropriate content, or your account will be banned for good.

Check this out too: How To Read.Cash?

PS: Some people need a step-by-step tutorial, so this one here will make my life (or your life) a bit easier. Rather than explaining to them one by one, why not send them this link instead.

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Written by   1079
2 years ago
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