I Own Bitcoin Cash And I Am Happy

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11 months ago

Bitcoin Cash is hope. A hope for a better world a better tomorrow.

I only have Bitcoin Cash and some cash on the sidelines for security but I hold no stocks or gold or anything else at this time. Not holding other cryptocurrencies, no Ethereum, and no btc coin.

I wait for Bitcoin Cash adoption in all the world and if it doesn't happen in my place, I will move where Bitcoin Cash is accepted and people can live in Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash is freedom we choose. The red pill we need to have as an option to be free.

It is there, and people can also earn it if they can't afford to buy it.

Treat Bitcoin Cash with respect because there is nothing else like it.

Bitcoin Cash A 24/7 Money Machine

For me Bitcoin Cash is all the money I need. I will gladly drop the rest of my fiat in BCH if we convince enough of the merchants, specialists and self-employed people to accept it.

Bitcoin Cash can't be stopped.

Noone can block a payment or transaction.

Noone can censor us and stop us from sending money.

Decentralized P2P electronic cash money working for a better future . Fiat currency kept us sleeping for too long, but now we see how much the central banks respect the people.

Inflation is making the poor poorer. All of it, the fault of the central banks and governments that keep asking us for blind statism support.

Bitcoin Cash Is Voluntaryist By Default

The reason Bitcoin Cash has so many opponents:

Rejection of totalitarianism. There is no government that can control it.

No force and no coercion, but respect to civil rights, pacifism, and non political means to achieve a free society.

Freedom begins with free money. Fiat in the paper and coins terms gave us enough freedom to bear with it for centuries, but it mutated and soon electronic fiat, the so called Cbdcs will be the only fiat money.

Central banks remodel money to strengthen bankrupt governments that grown into a monstrosity. Huge and disorganized with taxes growing and absorbing our wages and income.

We Will Own Nothing And Be Happy???

The World economic forum is out of control.

We will own nothing by 2030? This is their plan? To loot us from our properties steal our wealth and we should be happy about that?

What better way to tell it to our face they are going to strip us from our property rights and doom the last two or three generations in poverty allowing us only to have the bare minimum to survive.

I'm not against utopian dreams but no, this is not one.

It is a threat and a message to those that understand it. The WEF says this message is misrepresented and they dont' plan to steal our properties. They don't do a lot to protect our wealth and property either.

Trust them as we always trusted the people that did steal our property and reduced our wealth with inflation.

I own Bitcoin Cash and I'm happy.

They can't take that away from me.

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11 months ago


Some local banks allow crypto to be in their businesses and circulation ✌️. Go crypto and allow us to benefits in fair economy. Thank you.

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10 months ago

Bitcoin really helps a lot not just in many but in expressing what you feel.

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11 months ago

Yeah you are right dear . Bitcoin is a hope for better today or much better tomorrow .

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11 months ago

Dear @bchzho, I like the fact that you do not hide your feelings about bitcoin cash, and that is the tempo we need. Thank you.

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11 months ago

Are you on Twitter?

If so let me know so I can follow you if I don't already.

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11 months ago

Yes. We follow each other: https://mobile.twitter.com/bchzho

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11 months ago