Thank you, 2020

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2 years ago

Few days left before we bid 2020 adieu. Are you ready for a new year? If I were to ask you to summarize your whole 2020, how would you construct yours? Majority of us may have similar narratives and only differs on how we handled the situation. 

The start of 2020 for the Philippines has been really devastating because of the eruption of our smallest volcano, Taal Volcano, that is located in the province of Batangas. Months after we were all under the state of calamity amidst the threat of the corona virus disease that has put not just the Filipino people but the entire world. We were on lockdown for months and because of this, probably almost half of the population has lost their jobs. When we were slowly trying to cope up then came the typhoons that had caused floods in many areas in the Philippines most especially the people in the Bicol region. It was like we were being hit by a lot of challenges one after the other. 

Just like everyone else, I have also felt like me and also my family were being challenged this year. I know that we always have some problems, obstacles, hurdles and challenges but this is different this year. I have already mentioned a couple of times that I was hospitalized late June. I thought that weeks after the surgery, I would be ok because during my first operation years ago, after a week I have already recovered. I know the operation then and now are incomparable because it was laparascopic and only requires small incision. But this year, I had an open surgery and it was like a cesarean section, vertical mid line cut. 

A week after my surgery, when they were to remove my staples, they already saw that my wound wasn't healing or in short it wasn't closing up. So my surgeon decided to try first if it would close just by using strong tapes (called leukoplast or the tan colored tapes used to secure dressings). After a week, it opened a bit more so he decided to stitch me up. Then after a week, still the threads wasn't able to hold it together so he had to stitch me up again and this time he used a more thicker thread. Did it work? No. So he decided to just let it be and to let it heal by second intention. Meaning we would let the wound close by its own. He also advised me to drink pure egg whites because he suspects that I was low in albumin. 

Stitching me up for the second time (technically third if we are to count the operation)

My birthday wish this year was for my wound to close because it was really costly to go every week to the doctor for a check up. My wound closed on its own after 4 months. Yes, it took my wound that long and you can just imagine we spent a lot for my wound alone. 

Then just this December, my dad started to have rashes and blisters on one side at the back of his head. We thought that it was because of the liniment oil because I recommended it to him because he was complaining about his neck. So he stopped using the oil but then he noticed that he already has some rashes on his front neck and chest. He suspected it was his toner because of discoloration but when we checked the expiration date, it's due on 2022. So I told him to stopped using the product first and let the rash subside. 

Sorry I had to black & white. The rashes and blisters

On the 4th day, he developed even more rashes and blisters so we had consulted our family doctor who was just our neighbor and told us that it was herpes zoster or shingles. It's a reactivation of chicken pox for elderly people who have weakend immune system. Our doctor said that it will take to long before it heals because it's attacking the nerves. 3 weeks have passed and my dad is still complaining how painful it is. He described it as someone who has a toothache, the one that wouldn't let you sleep. It hurts to see him in pain. Last year it was my mom who was in pain because of a wound infection. I saw her in pain as well. For this year it was me and my dad. I just really hope that this will be the end of it. 

Sometimes I can't help but to think if there is really a lucky on unlucky person. I know that I am not a saint, in my heart I know that I am a good person but there are times that I have also disobeyed some of the 10 commandments. But sometimes I can't help but to question why everything is happening to me or to us. Though I know that this is just a test to make us especially me be stronger. 

With everything that is going on with me right now, I know that there is a lesson that He wants to teach us. Maybe I still lack something that my mind is clouded with a lot of things that I can't think and see clearly what He wants me to learn. Just like with what is happening to our world right now. We can't help but to always blame the virus and I am very guilty to that. But for some people, this virus has opened some opportunities for them. 2020 should be an eye opener to all of us.

To sum it all up, I may not had a good, wonderful and prosperous 2020 but I am thankful that I am still alive, my parents are ok though my dad is still recovering and I know that God will always guides us, oversees us and blesses us. Thank you 2020! I can't wait to end this year and hope for a better new year. 

"A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth evil things." (Matthew 12:35).

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2 years ago


My maternal aunt died this year and none of her siblings were able to attend her funeral due to this pandemic, so that was the saddest thing we've had in 2020. Other than that, we're grateful that we're okay. And I'm also excited for 2021. :)

By the way, don't worry, everything's gonna be okay soon with your family.

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2 years ago

Thank you. I really hope so too. I always use the cover of our pots when welcoming the year to ward off the bad vibes. I guess I'll make it even more louder this new year. Hahahaha.

There are a lot of sad things brought about this pandemic that we only have to pray and hope that this would end.

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2 years ago