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2 years ago

Mid this year I have decided to make a Facebook page for my business. Then after a few months I made another account for my Youtube channel. 

I first made a Facebook page to further promote my business and to cater to other clients. Was it effective? For now I can say that it isn't because no one ever messaged me in my page to inquire about my product. Sad isn't it? But that did not stop me from posting about my crunchy chili garlic in oil. Although I only have a few pictures of my product, I still tried to post once in a while. 

100 days before Christmas, I again challenged myself to do a Christmas countdown. I personally designed all of the images that I uploaded for the countdown. Aside from that, I also thought of the captions. Most of the captions were related to my images. 

I know my caption for this was the lyrics from the song Santa Claus is coming to town. Can you guess what it is?

After 30 days, I was already running out of ideas and questions for my Christmas countdown. I honestly wanted to quit right away and just continue it when it is already 10 days to go before Christmas. But it wouldn't look good for my page so I still continued making my designs during my free time. Then I would list down right away if there is a caption that I thought of. 

50 days have passed and I told myself that I am doing good and I am just on the right track. I did dedicate my time to my page. When I started with it, I almost forgotten to post my countdown for the day. Sometimes I would remember it during the night and I would hurriedly grab my phone so that I could just make it in time. Until one day I told myself that it should be the first thing that I would do whenever I wake up, to post my Christmas countdown so that I would not have to worry if I had posted something or not. 

10 days to go and I really don't know what to design so I just made it simple, a countdown and my logo. No more designs, just a simple countdown. But the problem was the caption. LOL. I honestly wanted to just put the number of days before Christmas in it but good thing I was able to come up with 10 captions. 

I kept on telling Mary Ann (@firenze) that I am really having a hard time with my page. Then she would tell me that she knows how I felt. I met Mary Ann through Kiki and when I found out that she had a printing shop, so I decided to get her for my sticker labels. She also have a Facebook page for her business and I got some ideas on what to post for my page next year. Although I still don't know if I am up for the challenge because doing the Christmas countdown has really put a little pressure on me but we will see about that. I still have a few days left to decide and to plan things ahead of time. I can say that I do have some ideas in mind but I lack with proper tools, equipment and props. Not only do I lack with those things but I also lack some storage space in my phone. LOL. I do have lots of problem right? But I'm glad I was able to survive everything. 

"Design is the silent ambassador of your brand" — Paul Rand

Like I have said earlier, I again challenged myself by making another page for my Youtube channel. What made me decide to do it was the fact that I can also earn from Facebook pages. But the requirements is as hard as how it is with Youtube before you can be monetize. I haven't achieve any of it but I do hope someday I could though I don't know when.

For December I have only updated 1 post in it. I do have few videos and some of it are not that appealing to the audience. But I do have some videos that was able to have a lot of views. I even had my first thousand views on Facebook rather in Youtube. Before I started posting my Youtube links on Facebook then I decided to upload my edited videos. After about four or five videos, I think I encountered a problem that affects my eligibility for monetization. I appealed to Facebook since my videos are owned by me. I just don't have a response yet so I again went back to posting my Youtube links and my oen food photos. 

From experience, yes Facebook page or Instagram business are a big help in introducing your brand to the people. You also have the option for your page to get sponsored by paying an amount that fits your budget so your page can reach more people. I didn't have any money for that since I am just starting. There are still a lot of things to do other than the social media platform to further promote your brand though a lot of people are relying more to this things nowadays especially that we are globally affected by a pandemic. 

I haven't linked my Facebook page to an Instagram account yet but I can say that I have seen a lot of local business on Instagram than in Facebook. I feel like I should have better pictures if I were to have an Instagram account. For now having 2 pages and a Youtube channel are already overwhelming for me. What more if I would have an Instagram account, Tiktok and Shopee or Lazada? But I really want my brand to be known not just in the metro but also internationally. Dream big right? LOL. 

I still haven't posted my product on Shopee and Lazada because I still don't know any good and affordable couriers. Currently my orders are delivered through Grab or Lalamove. So if you have any courier suggestions, please let me know. Also if you have any ideas for my Facebook pages, I am all ears. Again, Merry Christmas to all of you!

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