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My acne breakouts

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11 months ago
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Boys or girls, male or female, let's admit it that we have also been once frustrated and conscious about our face, hair, skin and everything about our physical appearance. When I was young I hated my complexion because I was morena or fair skinned. I hated my hair because it was curly. I hated my body because I was fat. There are a lot of things that we hate about our appearance.

Growing up I have tried a lot of whitening products but it didn't work. I didn't have any major pimple problems during my adolescent period but I tried almost every skincare product that was out in the market or whatever my classmates and friends were using. My skin is not as smooth as a baby but thank God I rarely have pimples. But when I was already working, my skin breakout on both of my cheeks. It became more irritated because I kept ofn touching it and sometimes I pop it; which is a big NO-NO for pimples or acne. I didn't consult a dermatologist because a friend of mine recommended me to use a toner with an antibiotic. Back then this particular antibiotic can still be bought over the counter even without prescription. Now because some people are abusing and misusing antibiotics, they have to be prescribed by a doctor. Did it work? Yes it helped clear my acne. I used a mild facial soap and that toner with antibiotic. Although I couldn't do anything with the scars or big pores that my acne had given me.

Then after a decade, again my skin started to breakout but this time it isn't because of stress at work but due to a hormonal problems and diet. I searched some facts about pimple or face mapping and I saw that it was because of those 2 reasons. Still, I haven't consulted a dermatologist yet but I am positive that it is because of hormonal problems because I haven't had my period for so long. So I consulted an obstetrician gynecologists. My period is still not regular but I have been taking some medicines for it. My skin is now better than before and once in awhile a pimple or two would grow.

The second time that my skin breakout, I went to a facial salon to have a deep facial clensing. Because my pimples were because of hormones, there is nothing a facial can do. I was so stressed about that my stress even triggered my pimples. I was so conscious about my face that I didn't want to go out or even take a selfie and join in group pictures. My self-confidence was already low and it decreases even more because of my pimples.

Second breakout with lots of dark spots plus a darkened neck.
My second breakout. It was very rough when you touch it
BOO! LOL. Facial treatment during second breakout

During that time I wanted to try the rejuvenating sets that I see being sold in malls and online. But I was scared to try those products because some of those aren't approved by dermatologists and other health regulatory agencies. So I sticked with Ponds and tried the aloe vera gel that I saw in some Youtubers. I can say I was fluenced by them. LOL. It actually helped soothe my skin but one thing that I noticed is that when I stopped using it, a pimple would start to grow. Then I read an article of a known dermatologist that she is not a firm believer of moisturizers. She said that she finds it as a band-aid solution that just provide temporary lubrication and doesn't address the problem that when you stop using it, your face goes back to its dry state.

In my case, I have an oily skin ever since and my dermatologist said to me before that oily is better than dry skin. I don't know if you've heard about it but they say that oiliness is next to ugliness. I don't think ugliness is the term but I think yuckiness don't you think?

So why am I talking about my breakouts again? Because just recently I tried to use a different popular brand that is sold in the market that will make your skin peel it just depends on what mumber of toner you will be using. I had so many dark spots that I want to lighten that is why I decided to use it but just the mild toner. I started using it last December 6 and I stopped yesterday, December 11 because my forehead was so itchy. It felt like an allery but I didn't have any rashes. My didn't peel by the way. And early this morning, my chin was itchy. Then after a few hours it was my cheeks and now as I am currently typing this, it is my forehead that is itchy.

Before using the exfoliant toner
Look at those pores!

Prior to using this exfoliant toner, I used a a new serum a month ago and as per my observation, it had made my face produce more sebum. Sebum as defined in Health Line's website, it is an oily, waxy subsctance produced by your body's sebaceous glands. I think this product is perfect for people with dry skin because my dad's face looked more fresh and dewy to think he is in his senior years. I felt that because of the oil, It had caused another acne breakout again. This time it was on the left side of my face. From the temples and to my cheek. The other culprit is my sleeping position. I always wake up with the left side of my face on the pillow. So I changed my facial wash into kojic soap and didn't use any other skincare product until recently.

Upon using both kojic soap and exfoliant toner, I noticed my pimple had dried out. The only problem is that my face was itchy. Most of you may be familiar on how clear and flawless Korean faces are and that is what I really want to achieve or if I can just have my old skin back plus to minimize my pores. Before I decided to try this exfoliant toner, I was eyeing for 3 products that have been reviewed by some Youtubers. Although I just didn't have a budget that is why I settled for the cheaper one.

What are your skincare routines? Have you had any breakout? What did you do? Do you take supplements to improve your skin? What do you take? Based from my previous experiences, the only tips that I can advice you is to:

• Drink lots of water

• Eat vegetables

• Wash your face every morning and evening

• Remove any makeups before going to bed

• Avoid touching your face

• Don't just try some products just because it was promoted or endorsed by someone. We all have different skin types and what work for them may not work for you and vice versa

• If you experience slight change with the skincare product, stop using it immediately

• Have a monthly facial

• Consult a dermatologist

Given our situation right now, I don't know when it will be safe to go to a facial salon and visit a dermatologist but I know there are some that can accommodate you virtually.
Having a great skin is one way to increase our self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love but we shouldn't let our appearances define who we are. When I was in college, I have already accepted the fact that I am morena and has curly hair. My friends made me understand that we are beautiful in our own unique way.

So always remind yourself how beautiful and wonderful you are everyday.

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Written by   173
11 months ago
Topics: Experience
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Para sa akin ate Detox. Kasi sa detox mas nalilinis yung intestines natin. Pwede ka po uminom ng calamansi or lemon with honey pagkatapos kumain maganda rin po yun for detoxification. Thanks po sa tips😀💖

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11 months ago

My pleasure Alexis. Ay sige try ko yan calamansi or lemon. Tsaka parang nakakalose din ata ng weight kapag lagi naglelemon. Tama ba?

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11 months ago

opo haha mas mabilis ka po makakapaglabas ng sama ng loob haha 😇🤣🤣🤣🤪

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11 months ago

Hahahaha. Mabilis naman ako maglabas ng sama ng loob. Baka magdoble-dobleng labas ng sama ng loob na ako nun. Hahaha. Try ko gawin soon. Magresearch din ako about detox.

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11 months ago