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Mother's day 2021

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1 month ago

First of all I want to greet everyone here a very happy mother's day to each one of you mothers out there and to your mothers as well.

How was your day? How did you spend it? What did you got for your mom or what did you receive this day? What was your most unforgettable experience as a mother or you've had with your mother? If it weren't for the pandemic, where do you think you would be celebrating mother's day this year?

Last week my brother has already texted my mom and told her that he and his family will be celebrating mother's day here and they will be bringing Korean food. Yahoo! That means I don't get to cook anything and I can just sit back, relax and wait for them.

Also 2 weeks ago my dad said that he ordered Beef Kare-Kare and Laing from someone he knows and it will be delivered on mother's day as well. Though I know my dad's order will be good for 2 couple of days since he ordered 5 orders of kare-kare which is good for 2-3 persons per order. Food deliveries aren't allowed inside our subdivision so my dad and our helper drove out to meet his acquaintance within our vicinity and they also bought Andoks litson manok (roasted chicken). We just had chicken a few days ago for our dog's birthday. LOL. I don't know why my dad decided to buy chicken when he already knows that my brother will be bringing in a lot of foods.

Though it was just perfect that my dad ordered some food because we were able to eat around 2PM. Why? My brother came past 12PM and the meats for our Korean barbeque were still frozen. I didn't even had breakfast or brunch because I was already anticipating about Korean food since last night and so as my brother. My dad on the other hand ate light lunch by 12PM since he has to drink his medicines. Around 1PM, I already couldn't contain my hunger so while we were waiting for the meats, I alrady had a few spoons of rice, kare-kare and roasted chicken.

There were still some frozen meats thatbwere being thawed near our sink. We were able to finish 4 containers of meat. Carnivores! LOL. Eat to your heart's content.

When I was still working in the food industry, I spent my whole day in the restaurant since it was always jampacked during mother's day. We are not allowed to be absent nor be on leave during this day because the guests were really non-stop. This is one day that I like when I was still working. Iy was tiring and very fulfilling to see how people loved and valued their mothers. Although it's saddening because sales during father's day is just half of the sales of mother's day. There were a lot of mother's day that I missed celebrating with my mom and my family. We would celebrate it either in advance or day/s after. Though even if I was unemployed, we would still celebrate it either advance or late since my brother already has his own family and a mother-in-law. As for me I am with my mom but we didn't go to the mall because I know how jampacked it is during mother's day. We would just order food and have a simple celebration with my mom, my dad and our helper.

Our helper and I were in charge of the grilling. Mine was on the left side. Honestly I love Korean foods and Korean barbeque but I have ALWAYS been in charge of the grilling even when we est in restaurants before. So I learned how to eat along with them while grilling. LOL

I am just deeply happy that I get to celebrate this special day with the whole family today. As far as I can remember, last year we didn't celebrate it because we were still on lockdown. I think it was already July or August last year when we saw my brother. However we didn't even have a family picture. When they were eating, I was the one grilling the meat. Wheb we were in the living room, my dad was already having his siesta time. And when it was time for them to go home, I forgot to ask all of them for a picture. I'm sure my aunts living abroad will ask me about our family picture. It slipped my mind because I helped my mom with the foods that my brother can take home. I don't know when they will visit us again but I will really make sure that we get to have a picture.

I cannot remember the last time I gave my mom a gift for mother's day but this year I got her favorite crema de fruta cake. I know that gifts aren't mandatory and what matters is that we let them feel that they are special and loved not just on this day but everyday and same goes with our dads. Special occasions like this not necessarily have to be expensive and what's important for me is that we celebrate it with our whole family.

I just realized that my picture was bad. I cannot take it again since my mom already had a slice of the crema de fruta. My gift was the one on the right side and the rest were from my brother.

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Written by   98
1 month ago
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