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Job interview (part 2)

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1 month ago

I know not all of us like to be interviewed. I have seen a lot of applicants who were also nervous like me during job interviews. Actually I like it more if I am the interviewer because I only get to ask questions. Although at first I was also nervous while I was interviewing some applicants. Yes, I have also been the interviewer in one of the companies that I have worked with since they needed to be interviewed by a manager. I saw some that were nervous and some were not. I even tell jokes just to make them feel comfortable. I am not really a formal person but I know when to be serious and I remember that I interviewed one applicant and I really admired his brown eyes. I even complimented him for his looks but I actually do compliment my applicants when they did well on the interview and when they really look good. I even see myself with some of the applicants that I have interviewed.

In your own words or in your own experiences, how do you think a person should do during interviews? Or what tips can you give us (LOL) I mean them? Like what I have said in my previous article that I am not the right person to give advices with regards to successful interviews since I don't normally do good in it but I do know some tips that can possibly help you in your future interviews.

As much as I want to say don't get nervous, but that is really the key in most interviews. I have read a lot of articles on what to do during an interview but I cannot even apply it to me. No matter how many good lucks I got from my friends, I still feel like I am the stoopidest person during interviews. Sometimes I don't even like to tell them that I have a job interview because I will only feel sad especially if I didn't get a call back. But because I have a big mouth and I am so open to them that I still tell them about my interviews. LOL. I always appreciate the support they have given me that is why whenever I passed the interviews, it is like they also made it that we would often have celebratory dinner.

But how do we really avoid being nervous in interviews? Sometimes I just talk to other applicants for me not to think about the interview while waiting. Or if I am not in the mood to talk, I would just keep myself busy. Or I would just text my mom or my friends.

Aside from not being nervous, you must be comfortable with how you look and how you speak. Being confident is the another key to passing interviews. If you are not comfortable in speaking in English, answer them in Tagalog. I don't know why I find it easier to write than to speak in English. We weren't really raised to speak in English unlike the kids nowadays. I remember my brother was even blaming our mom why she had to let us watch Batibot rather than Sesame Street. LOL. But my brother is more fluent in English when speaking orally especially because he's a lawyer. Whenever I would speak to someone in English, I feel like I am composing every word and every sentence that I wish to say before telling it to the person. LOL. Conversing in the English language is a little hard for me and I think this is something that I need to practice in order for me to ace more interviews in the future.

Dress to impress. Yes your CV may look really excellent with your past experiences but you also have to look good in your interviews. Even if you are a fresh graduate, you still have to look decent. When we were in college, I think as early as second year we were taught to wear complete business attires in going to school. They said that we have to practice wearing business attires since most people in the hotel and tourism industry are in their business attires. It is also one way for us to be comfortable with it especially in during job interviews. I don't know with you but I like it when people are in their business attires during interviews and even in going to work. That's why I like watching Suits, an American drama series. I also like it when the ladies wear skirts with panty hose. We had one subject before that required us to wear skirts and panty hose but it just doesn't look good on me. So my friend A and one of our friends would always change into our skirts before that subject and change back into slacks after. LOL.

Before I would even buy closed high heels just for interviews as they look great in office attires. Though I would actually be in slippers going there because I am not comfortable wearing heels when riding the public transportations. I would change before stepping in the office and change back into slippers after stepping out of the office. It's really a hassle but we all know that some heels are a killer.

How about you? What do you usually wear during interviews whether it is initial or final?

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Written by   98
1 month ago
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