Cheesy Binatog

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3 years ago

Looking for a very simple snack to make? Take a look on what I cooked as the family's meryenda for the day.

Binatog also known as Bualaw. This dessert or snack is commonly sold as street food in the northern Philippines by vendors known as Magbibinatog similar to Taho vendors.


  • Grated Coconut

  • Whole Corn (white corn)

  • Margarine (melted)

  • White Sugar

  • Eden Original (grated)

  • Water


  1. Mix Cheese and Coconut to create a mixture. Set aside.

  2. On the other hand, let Corn boil in hot water until skin peels off.

  3. If done, drain Corn and add Margarine. Mix evenly.

  4. Top this with white sugar followed by the mixture.

I hope you enjoy this simple and easy to cook dessert. It is undeniably delicious!

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