"When the wind blows"

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2 years ago

Windy days are not really my favorite part of the year. Autumn is the least season that I like. I am heading to school when I saw a girl standing under the big tree staring at the branch of it. I stop and look at her.

"What is she doing?"

When I saw the scared kitten she's looking at I smiled. I cross the road and climb the tree to fetch the kitten. I handed her the kitten but she just look at me like I lost my head. I stare at her and was dumbfounded by her beauty. How can a girl be this beautiful?

"Sorry for interferring." I scratch my neck and leave the kitten beside her feet then continue walking.

The next day, as I walked to the school I saw her again staring at the same tree. I stopped again and look at her. She just stand there and keeps staring at the branch. She really catch my attention not because we are wearing the same uniform but also she really is beautiful.

I half cross the road and look at her from here. I also look at the branch and the kitten is there again but not scared anymore.

"What is she doing?" I ask to myself.

"Hey?!" I shouted at her. She didn't look at me nor budge.

I cross the road fully and stand beside her.

"Hi?" I greeted her. She look at me with the expression in her face that I can't seem to read. Her hair covered half of her face because of the strong blow of the wind.

"Aren't you cold?" I talk to her again. It's very windy and she's only wearing her uniform.

She just look at me and walk pass through me after. Heck? Did I said something wrong? I look at the kitten confused.

Everyday as I pass the same tree I always see her standing under it and staring at the branch. The whole windy days I always see her in the same spot and I always got mesmerized by her beauty. I always greet her every morning but she never replied but look at me instead.

This morning the news said that today will be the last day that it will be windy and it made me happy as hell. I don't really like autumn season it's too windy. I grab my bag and ready to go to school and to see the girl that I've been greeting every morning this past few weeks.

The wind today blows really hard. I brought extra jacket just incase that girl is wearing her uniform only. She never talked to me nor say a single word that's why I never knew her name.

I walked to our school and is hoping to see her standing in the same position again.

I saw the tree.

And the kitten right beside it.

Only the tree and the kitten.

There's a part of me that is sad. Where is she?

Maybe I'll see her at school.

But I never see her before, even this past few weeks and why am I so eager to see her? Yeah, this may sound insane but I have a crush on her. I know it's not normal because she never talked to me or even maybe give me her sweet smile but I like her. There is something in her eyes that captures me.

She has this look that'll want you to take care of her fragile heart. Even though she doesn't talked to me, I can see it in her eyes that she wants to say something but couldn't.

I pet the kitten before walking pass the tree and go to school.

Months have passed but I never seen her again standing in front of that tree. I did some research and knew some info about her. Her name is Lyre and she's an orphan

And a mute.

Today is summer and autumn is fast approaching.

I hate windy seasons,

I hate cold winds,

and I hate autumn.

But the hatred of that season changes as my feelings for her changed just like seasons changed too. I am eager to meet her again when the wind blows.

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2 years ago


Wow man another amazing piece of writing. Are these writings fiction or they have any connection to reality? I am just curious to know.

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2 years ago