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"So Long"

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1 month ago

I am drinking my coffee in our favorite coffee shop reminiscing our past while looking around. Time passes so fast.

I remember our good days. Seeing us in the flower shop just parallel to this store, you laughing so hard while looking for your favorite flowers. You smiled at me while giving me the pink rose.

I get the flowers from your hands and put it behind your ears then you smile sweetly to me.

"Aww, my sweet boyfriend."

"You're so pretty." I fetch your hand and kissed the back of it.

You smiled like the sun that gives light to my dark days.

I could never imagine my life without you, my sunshine.

As I looked at you wondering around the shop, I realized that time. Damn, I won't ever let you go. I won't let the girl who made my shaded life into a colorful one.

But looking in the same shop now, looking at the same girl that I love, same roses that are in your hands, seeing you smile made me smile but different guy by your side breaks my heart into million pieces.

Feeling this pain right now I asked to myself, was my decision right? Does setting free my sunshine makes you more happy? Does the pain worth it after seeing you smile so bright with someone else?

I sip my coffee and smile. My decision was right. I should let you go for you to shine brighter. Maybe, maybe in the next life I'll see you again and that time I won't let you go anymore.

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Wow, that's beautiful. No matter the pain is very heart breaking, and seeing your loved ones with someone else is the most miserable pain.

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1 month ago