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3 years ago

"She is always alone, she never talks to anyone nor look at them in the eyes." One of my classmates told me.

I'm a transferee student and new to this school. My seatmate tells me everything about the school and the students here.

"Actually she is popular among guys, she receives tons of letters in her locker everyday but she just ignore them. She is dense as hell and only focuses on her studies." She continued telling me about the girl.

"What's her name?" I asked my seatmate while looking at the girl she's talking about.

"Skye, it actually suits her." She said.

"It does." I said.

I was about to stand up and approach Skye but my seatmate Cara stopped me.

"Rhage, you'll just get ignored I swear. We were classmates since junior high and up until now in our senior year she never talked and never been friends to anyone. We just stop hoping and approaching her. There's no hope." She said seriously.

"Maybe she's just waiting for me?" I said plafully and continue walking towards Skye.

"Hey." I said as I sit down next to her.

She just look at me then continue writing something in her notebook.

I can feel my heart race. The fuck? Those eyes are damn beautiful.

She is interesting.

She has this boy cut and a long bangs that hides her mesmerizing eyes.

The class ended.

"Hey, Rhage!" George my classmate called me.

"Yeah?" We are in the gate talking.

"We are planning to give you a welcome party for being the new transferee student. We're going bar hopping this evening, you should come." He tap my shoulders.

"Yeah sure. Text me the location." I replied then they walk again.

I was about to walk to the bus stop when I saw Skye standing waiting for the bus as well. I walk towards her.

A car stopped in front of her and then she get in and the car leave.

Woah, she's rich?

"Hey man? How's your hang over?" George asked me while massaging his own temples.

"Dude, my head is still spinning." I chuckle. I look at Skye's table, she is writing something again. I got up from my seat and sit beside her.

"Hey." I approach.

She didn't respond nor look at me.

"Well if you aren't gonna talk to me then I'll just sit beside you until you talk to me." I said smiling. She just keep on writing notes.

The class ended but she didn't even look at me.

I saw her again, she's getting in the same car.

The next day is the school's foundation day. I'm not in the mood to have fun so I just walk to the rooftop of our building. I saw Skye sitting in the bench. What is she doing here?

I walk towards her.

Her eyes are closed, she is facing the sky and she is smiling. The blowing winds doesn't help. It just makes her more beautiful.

Fuck? Why is she so beautiful?

I stop walking and just stare at her for a moment.

She look at me, shocked. She abruptly stands up and is about to walk out but I stop her.

"Hey, look I'm sorry. I didn't mean to disturb you. You continue what you are doing. I'm just gonna sit there." I said pointing to another bench.

She stare at me behind her bangs. She's about to sit but her phone rang then she quickly walk out.

What was that?

It is already dismissal. I walk to the stairs and is planning to go to the rooftop to have some fresh air but I saw Skye ascending the stairs towards the rooftop as well.

I followed her.

When she enter the rooftop she sits down on the bench she was sitting yesterday. I decided to approach her.

"Hey." I said as I stand beside her.

She just look at me. She was about to stand up again but I stop her and hold her wrist and let her sit down with me.

"Look, I'm not gonna do anything to you okay? I'm just here to have some fresh air as well. Can I sit with you?" I explain and ask.

She didn't answer and just look at the sky instead.

Okay, that's it. It's fine with her.

We sit there for almost 20 mins just looking at the sky and me glancing at her from time to time. Her phone rang, she look at the screen and abruptly stands up and run towards the door.

What's with her phone?

It's been part of my routine now, to have some fresh air in the rooftop before going to school. It's been 2 weeks since I'm doing this silly routine with her.

"Aren't you really gonna talk to me?" I ask curious.

She look at me in the eyes for a second then she smile.

Fuck? What was that?

My heart race.

She look up in the sky again, still smiling.

I learn that when she's here in the rooftop she is waiting for her dad to pick her up and that damn call who can make her nervous as hell is her father. Strict father to be precise. She lost her mother when she was 3.

She didn't tell me these things. My nosy seatmate told me.

Her phone rang after how many minutes she stands up.

"I need to go." She speak.

"What- oh, yes. S-sure. G-go on." I stutter. She run.

Did I just stutter? I mean c'mon who wouldn't? It's her first time talking or should I say speaking.

I've been smitten by the thought of being with her. I am now going to the roof top again.

I saw her sitting in the same bench again. Her back is on me.

"Hey." I greet her.

"Hey." She respond in a small voice. I smile, broadly. It's been a week since she started talking to me.

We talk about random things and was having fun but her phone rang. Again, she'll gonna left now.

"I need to go." She said nervous while looking at her phone. She stands up and run. I followed her.

I saw her open the back seat of the car, she was about to go in but her father came out.

He saw me.

I slightly bow my head to show respect but he just stare at me.

Then, he slapped Skye.

He grabbed her roughly and they get in the car.

Fuck? Is her father harassing her?

The next day after the teacher announce the dismissal I saw her walk fastly outside, I quickly stands up and follow her.

"Skye. Are you okay?" I grab her wrist. She look at me seriously.

"Stop talking to me anymore. Stop approaching me." She said and walk again.

What the fuck man?

I run towards her and grab her hand.

"Follow me." I bring her to the roof top.

"What happened? Why are you being like this?" I asked. She just nod her head down.

Why is she doing this to me? Fuck not now! Not now, that I started being attached to her.

"Tell me Skye." I console her.

"My dad found out." She started.

What? Found out what? Is she not allowed to date? We're not even dating. It is just me having feelings for her I bet she doesn't even consider me a friend.

"Found out what Skye?" I ask bewildered.

"I can't have friends Rhage, I can't talk to anyone and I can't even look at them in the eyes. I was born to be alone, I was born to be lonely. I don't need friends, I don't need you." She said crying.

I blink fastly. Fuck, that hurts.

"Born what? Are you kidding me? No one is born like that Skye. Everyone needs someone, everyone needs someone to talk to, someone to lean on and someone to cherish them!" I shouted in frustration.

"My father is that someone. I don't need anyone else." She said quietly.

"Your father? Your father who slapped you yesterday? Tell me, did he slapped you because you talked to me?" I asked. this is really frustrating.

She didn't answer.

"Fuck? I am right." I chuckle. This is really getting into my nerves. I badly wanted to punch someone right now.

"Let's not be friends Rhage, I don't want you to get hurt. I told you I was born to be alone, to be lonely." She run towards the exit door.

The next day, the teacher announce that Skye will be transferring school due to personal reasons.

The dismissal came. I ascend the stairs towards the rooftop slowly.

My heart is aching and I'm crying.

I sit in her favorite bench. I look up the sky, it reminds me of her. She is like a sky, she is bright and supposed to be bright but she has dark days also but still beautiful. Very beautiful.

Why am I missing her?

Fuck this, now I am lonely.

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3 years ago


Woah man how do you write such interesting stories? You are missing her because you get attracted to her may be either as a challenge or naturally. But it's men nature to get attached and who won't if she is such a beauty. Nice write up..keep it up

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3 years ago

Nice work

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3 years ago

Imotional history

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3 years ago

So sade

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3 years ago

thanks for reading dear i hope you will support my upcoming works 🥰

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3 years ago

So sad article but so nice. Love this article.

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3 years ago

thanks dear for liking my article🥰

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3 years ago


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3 years ago

This feeling that I have faced in life... I lost my best friend 💔💔💔

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3 years ago

cheer up dear, just pray and you will be okay👍

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3 years ago

I feel lonely when I fail. It’s a very painful feeling. We nees support in our bad time.

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3 years ago

cheer up bro, btw thanks for reading my works promise i will support you back 👍

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3 years ago

Very nice story

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3 years ago

thanks dear

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3 years ago