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How I met music

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1 year ago

Not up until recently, I wasn’t consciously involved with music but I can still remember the kind of songs I liked ever since I was little. This make me conclude that I was subconsciously involved with music.

When I was about 7 years old I played the recorder and I practiced with the school music group in preparation for graduation ceremony but sadly I was not able to attend and I didn’t play. (my mum played a major role in me not going, she doesn’t like parties)

I really liked playing the drum set but as I grew, I didn’t like noise and since I was not actively playing drums except for church programs, so I out grew my love for playing drums. When I traveled to another city for my university around 2016, I didn’t play drums anymore because I only went to church on Sundays and I didn’t join any operational unit in church.

Fast forward to about 2018, I was kind of heart broken and I stumbled on some songs that my sister saved on my laptop. I saw a couple of artist, Adele, Jon Bellion and some other that I don’t remember vividly.

I listened to Adele “Hello” and I did like the song, it was very emotional for me and I related with because of my present conditions.

This is the video of the “Hello” song

The lyrics of this song is a emotionally engaging and due to my present state, I was more engaged.

Summary of the video

Well, she did break up with this guy and after sometime she wanted to meet up with him and talk about what and what led to their break up but the guy seems not to be interested anymore.

Continuation of the story

After I got through the heart break season and all, I stopped listening to music but few years later, I traveled to another city for Industrial training where I was working and living alone. So music was like my companion.

So, 2020 corona was very much around then and most cities were on lockdown. I was at home and I could a recorder that one of my neighbor own. I played it and he saw that I could play, so he gifted me the recorder.

I started recording videos of myself playing the recorder and I posted on my WhatsApp.
I played a couple of songs and my audience gave me great feedback.
I stumbled on a video on YouTube where a lady used flute instrument to play a song I wanted to play with my recorder and that’s how I got interest in flute instrument.

I told my cousin to get flute for me and I hope he get it soon so I can start practicing and recording nice music. I’m thinking of opening a YouTube channel when I already get the flute so I can have a platform to post my videos.

There’s this flute player on YouTube that I like a lot. She is from China and she plays bamboo flute mostly.
Her name is Shirley flute on YouTube. You can always watch her on her channel from if you enjoy the video below

So I want you all my dear reader to anticipate and keep on waiting for my YouTube channel that’s is going to be either dedicated to music or about my life which musics is going to be part of.

Thanks for reading 💐

video source:

The image cover is my picture, I took the shot today with my iPhone

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Written by   32
1 year ago
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Adele is such a great artist. If your heart is broken, she will break your heart more through her songs; one of a kind!

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1 year ago

I do adore Adele. She has a new album out now. I did play the recorder too when I was younger but outgrew that.

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1 year ago

Yeah I like one of the songs easy on me

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1 year ago

You're a good lover of instruments. I love to play instruments but the time/chance to learn it is just my major problem. I love it when I see peot playing guitar and piano...I can play drum to a danceable extent 🥱. We await your YouTube channel

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1 year ago

Maybe you just have to create some time if you really want play. What instrument do you like? And I will definitely create the channel

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1 year ago