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Do you love yourself?

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1 year ago

I got inspired by the post of @Olasquare

The post is about a woman badly treated in a relationship.

My comment to his article was this

"My brother, I wonder why ladies stay in toxic relationship. No one is forcing you to stay in a relationship.

I still conclude that girls don't love themselves and that's why it's hard for people to genuinely love them.

It breaks my heart that men are the major pioneer of toxic relationship." (You can check his comment section)

It breaks my heart to see my fellow humans suffer and I wonder why they still choose to continue in hurtful relationships.

If you sacrifice yourself for a relationship that means you value the relationship more than yourself neglecting the fact that without you in the relationship, the relationship cease to exist.

I need answers to this question;

What in the world is worth more than you?

If you can genuinely answer that question, you would find out that many things don't worth the headache it give you.

It always breaks my heart to see or hear situation where a fellow human is going through emotional and physical damage for the hands of another human. It's sad.

I totally frown at the perpetrator of hurtful act, but at the same time, I blame the people that have been a victim of this kind of an act twice. Why twice?

I always thought that the reason why these people have a hard time moving on and letting go is because they love the person who hurt them.

You might claim that you love the person that is hurting you but deep down, many only love the benefit they get from their predators. Benefits like money, fame, luxury and all trivial things. This bores down to the fact that you love trivial things more than your own very existence.

Let's assume you love the person, but should you love another person more than yourself?

The greatest teacher said "love your neighbor as you love yourself" not more than yourself.

What is the essence of living is you have decided to live your life miserably.

You might find it difficult to leave someone who is constantly hurting you but it is not impossible. It is as easy as deciding that no matter how much that person loves and hurts you, you love yourself more. You love yourself enough to get out of the situation even though it may seem like the worst option.

You may be suffering from a learning disability but this is the time to learn how to protect yourself and realize that you are worth so much more than just taking all that pain.

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Written by   32
1 year ago
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