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2 months ago

Today I visited one of my friend's houses and he had a PS5 connected to a 60-inch television. I was so excited after seeing that. It has been my dream to play games on PS5 for several years. It is not that I cannot afford a PlayStation but I don't have the time right now for more entertainment. I'm focusing my energy more on doing some work than spending it on entertainment. Sometimes my mind says that I should distract myself from something but mostly it would be a short entertainment and not a long one.

Sometimes I watch some TV series or movies and that would be a good distraction for me. But it is only a short term. Unless I start a big TV series it is under control. But if I start playing games, I might start losing my power and start bringing a new routine to my life where there would be no extra activities for me than playing games and doing my day job. This is one thing that I fear and I don't get into games these days. I have been like this for several months about a few years back. Back then there were no extra activities for me than my day job.


Today I read a lot, learned a lot, and worked on some community projects too. But back then it was not the case and I had a lot of time to waste. Today after visiting the friend, I started to have a feeling that I should get back to that life again and at least once in a while. I remember playing a lot of games on my PC. I don't know how different the experience would be to play using a PlayStation but someday I want to try it.

I remember spending a lot of time playing GTA and other strategy games, especially Dota 2. Those were golden days. It was when I joined my day job and started playing the games in the first few years of my day job. I used to play a minimum of 12 hours a day. Every game in Dota 2 used to take a minimum of 1 hour and some games even go further than that. I used to play continuously one after the other. It was a very big addiction that I had. Later when I started focusing on learning and studying things related to my day job, I came out of this addiction. I stopped playing for nearly 2 years and later after I bought a new laptop, I wanted to test the performance of the laptop by playing Dota 2 again and finally got into the same addiction once again.

Today I have started to have a feeling that one fine day I want to stop working and start playing games like the good old days. I did not have any worry about my life or any fear about my life or health and I used to play for hours together. Today even for work, I'm finding it hard to sit in front of the system for hours together.

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2 months ago


I recommend you to read this article of mine about why you shouldnt do it: https://read.cash/@Geri/modern-video-games-suck-1e3f84d1

If you decide to do it anyway, then let me give a recommendation: forget the poop station, gta, and aaa craps. These are WASD model viewers disguised as video games, professionally mass-marketinged in social media, and they are not going to offer you real gaming experience, just sorrow. Go for B and indie class games. Instead of wasting real money on it, get some 10 year old 4 core stuff with some cheap 23" ips monitor, dont let you be trapped in the squirrel wheel.

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2 months ago

Very well said. I will take some time to read your article fully. Thank you.

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2 months ago