Teaching is always exciting

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I don't think everyone would agree with this but for some people teaching is fun and exciting. It requires enormous patience but if we do it with interest it is one of the most interesting things someone can do. The main reason behind that is that people learn while they teach. Especially when we are doing this to kids, it is even more fun because they would have all the energy and enthusiasm to learn. That keeps our minds young too.

From a very young age, I wanted to become a teacher. I always cherished the moments I got the opportunity to be a teacher. I had been a teacher in a nearby Patashala for a few years. That was a wonderful moment and I was able to learn a lot of things during that period. I'm very happy that I was able to be the reason for some students to complete their basic education in life. I really wished I was able to continue that but my priorities in life changed and things changed a lot.


I recently thought about this because I have been training some people in my work. I realized that whatever the subject, I enjoy training and teaching people. That helps me feed my thoughts and also to find innovative ways to make people understand many concepts. This is also a brush-up for me to stay on track with the subjects I'm working on. For example, coding is something that has become my career path, and getting an opportunity to teach coding is something that is amusing to me.

If I had not become a software engineer, there is a small possibility that I would have become a teacher. I used to think that after a period of time, I should quit my job and join a teacher in the school I studied. I did not have thoughts to become a teacher for a higher grade. I wanted to be a teacher for lower-grade students. The main reason is that the lower grade students are more like wet clay and we can easily mold them to any shape we want. It can be challenging to mold higher-grade students.

I'm thinking that maybe later at one point in time I will get back to teaching again. Probably coding can also be a good start for me. I can at least do something that I know and can have more fun with. These days there are enormous opportunities available if someone wants to become a teacher. Especially someone who would like to do that as a service. Otherwise, teachers are not the people who get paid a lot. The quality of teachers is also reducing a little bit. I remember I used to have some of the best teachers in the world and that's one of the reasons for who I'm today.

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1 year ago


I agree with you my teaching is always exciting. I relate this because when I was in my practice teaching years I felt excited because it was my first time teaching in real, in front of the students.

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1 year ago

Salute to all our hardworking teachers...

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