Reached 8000 LEO Power

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1 year ago

I'm very happy and glad to share that I have reached a total of 8000 LEO Power. During the first quarter of the year, I initially had a goal to get 8000 LEO power, but I couldn't make it. Now I was able to reach the goal. I initially thought I should purchase LEO from the market and increase my stake but then realized that slow growth is also good growth. Then I started powering up all the LEO I was earning from curation and posting.

My biggest concern right now is the price of the Leo token. I'm not sure if this is going to hold well long term or not. Maybe initial investors already got a decent profit from their holdings but for new investors, I was wondering what would be the scope. The price right now is very attractive for investment but hopefully, the price shouldn't go further down.

During the initial days, Leo Finance came up with some fantastic projects and some good ways to generate income outside Hive or outside crypto. But I was wondering if those are still happening or not. This is not a criticism but I sometimes feel that they are introducing way too many coins just like splinterlands. We need some source of income from the real world to increase the price of the tokens and the burning should also be better. The project is also a bit centralized and that worries me a little bit. But hopefully, the project grows and we all grow together. Let's see.

Delegated all my Leo to the @india-leo account

We have a manual curation initiative in the @indiaunited community. All the delegators delegating their Hive power to the @indiaunited community gets 100% curation reward share. Similarly, people delegating their Leo Power to the @india-leo account also get a 100% curation reward share. I have coded a bot to distribute the rewards every day for the curators. This way I also support manual curation and effectively make use of my Leo power.

As the account grows in Leo power, we might come up with some additional plans for growth. We are also planning some additional benefits for the community supporters. There will soon be an announcement on the same. Right now I'm very glad that we are able to support some good authors with manual curation with this Leo power.

If you like what I'm doing on Hive, you can vote me as a witness with the links below.

Vote @balaz as a Hive Witness
Vote @kanibot as a Hive Engine Witness

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WOOOH Leo Finance starts very hard here. Images not showing in post and not many LEO coins, any tips for this page?

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1 year ago

Nice one, congrats! I hope the Leo price will stabalize for you. I agree that they used to have lots of focussed projects, but now it all seems less focussed and just more about trying new tokens...

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