People choose jobs for culture more than the nature of the job

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Anything is possible these days with the help of technology and tools. Gone are the days when it used to be very challenging to get a good resource for the team. Most of the corporates now look forward to increasing productivity with the help of a strong work culture. People love to work in a team for a good culture the team possesses than the nature of the job. Some people think that support jobs are hectic but these days there are so many perks available for people who are working in support jobs making it attractive for people to choose support jobs over other types of jobs.

So it is not about the type of job that makes it hectic. For example, people who work in payroll processing jobs find it hard during the month-end and year-end. This is also getting different these days. Though these are some things that can never be avoided, people still find it easy to manage without getting stressed out. Innovations are happening in such a manner.


Standard operating procedures

This is the most important focus area in which any corporate can easily succeed. If the SOP is clear to the employees, extracting the job from them would be very easier and clear. There are tools and systems currently in place that would detail the standard operating procedures and provide data to the upper management. It is very easy to track metrics and this way people keep it flexible for the employees.

When I joined my company about a decade back the support jobs used to be very hectic and people will not be paid enough and at the same time they are the most strict team too. We used to get enough breaks but support people will have to struggle to get a short tea break or something. Especially people who are in voice support find it very hard to manage their work. Today things are getting better with the help of standard operating procedures.

Employees are very clear on what is expected from them and the task assigning is also directly done by the system itself. This way there is no room for an overload of work and also less efficiency from any employee. All the data is clearly visible. It has become the case that if people don't do enough work, they don't get enough incentive and if people do their work very well, the data would show it evidently and it becomes easier to give more incentives to the users. These things are getting popular with the help of modern technology and the culture in the team greatly improves.

People love the work culture

More than the nature of the job, people enjoy working in the work culture. With the help of these tools, people find it easy to extract data from the system on how an associate is working. This way the managers give flexible timings to the employees and they also give work from home to the employees and the system is very clear in tracking if someone is really working or not. This is what has become a culture now and people find it very comfortable to work in this culture. The work culture gives more flexibility to people now.

This has been the case not only for the support teams but also for the other teams who work with a different scope. People now choose companies that have a good culture than choosing the nature of the job a company offers. Whatever the job nature, if the company is good and the culture inside the team is good, they are happy to work in a company and they are also not willing to switch to another company that doesn't have this culture. These sophistications come only if the company identifies the right tool to make the work of the managers and senior leadership team more efficient.

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5 months ago
Topics: People, Jobs, Motivation, Culture, Work, ...


When choosing a job, people weigh factors such as salary, company culture, and work-life balance. Career development, opportunities for creativity and alignment with values are also important. Communication with colleagues and the stability of the enterprise have a significant impact on the employment decision.

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It is very important to consider the working environment as it would affect your work performance.

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