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7 months ago

The 15th of every month is called Leo Power Up day. I have been participating in this power-up day for the past 4 months and this is the 5th-month people are doing power-ups. I'm happy that I'm very close to reaching my goals. I have been saving up all the LEO tokens I earned in the last 30 days. It looks like I earned close to 58 LEO tokens as curation rewards and around 300 tokens as author rewards. I moved everything to my Leo account which is @bala-leo and powered it up.

I initially thought I would be completing my goal of reaching 10000 LP with the help of the LEO tokens I'm saving up but it wasn't possible to complete the goal this month. I'm glad that I'm already very close and I just need a few more tokens to reach my goal. In my next LPUD, I'm sure it should be possible to complete my goal. I don't know if I will be continuing my participation after a month or not. I delegate my LEO power to the @india-leo community account and get a 100% curation reward share every day.

I'm not very happy about the way LEO is going. When it all started, the price of LEO was very good and pumping hard. But after the team started introducing so many new coins, the value of the old coins started diminishing. When CUB was introduced, that was when the price of LEO started going down. After that, the price has not recovered very well. The price of CUB has also dropped drastically.

The Leofinance team used to burn a lot of LEO tokens during the early days and that's how they attracted investors. They used the revenue from ads to burn LEO tokens. I don't know who told them that Burning is bad but they stopped doing it and nobody knows where that money goes and if that is even happening. I don't want to make this a post complaining a lot about LEO and its ecosystem but I still think there is hope for the community to revive back. It is definitely a great use case and we are still in the early stages of crypto. Hopefully, some great innovations should recover the price of all the Leo Finance-based tokens and be fruitful to the investors.

This month I'm still positive and motivated to invest in LEO by powering up LEO and holding them tight. But my thoughts might change next month and let's see how it goes.

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7 months ago


That's cool of you. I've always heard about Leofinance but I didn't take my time to learn what it is about. Please how can I register? I'm interested And how much is Leo token

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7 months ago

I couldn't make it, but next time I'm going to turn on a decent LEO ;)

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7 months ago