How can we be a part of this renewable energy revolution?

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2 years ago

A revolution on using renewable energy as an alternative has started all over the world. There are new companies and start-ups coming out of nowhere with some innovative ideas. Even though clean energy is not 100% clean energy I'm happy that we are able to at least travel in that direction. I know renewable energy has been a hot topic for over a decade now but now even the developing countries are also considering this.

As individuals, we also have a big role to play in this revolution as a consumer. We can make some wise decisions and switch from using devices/gadgets/machinery that are currently dependent on non-renewable resources to the ones that can be used with renewable resources. We cannot bring changes in just one single day but we can try to bring changes gradually with some effort.

Make our own electricity

This is the first step towards transforming into a renewable energy revolution. It is easier said than done. The cost for making a solar panel is still very high and even though there were new breakthroughs in this industry to make things cheaper, it did not reach the market because of political reasons.

In India, for people who are living in city regions, the only option for us here is to use solar panels as an energy source. We cannot go for windmills or hydroelectric power everywhere. If there is no benefit to using solar electric power, people will obviously go for a cheaper solution than going for free energy or renewable energy.


So the role here is not only for the individuals but also for the government. They have to come up with some decent benefits for using renewable energy. They should also come up with more renewable energy projects and the energy that is harnessed should be connected to a common grid that can be transitioned from one place to another place. Even from one country to another country can be a futuristic plan.

Using electric vehicles

If we go into details we can understand that electric vehicles are also not 100% from renewable energy. Maybe the charging part of it can come from a solar source or other free energy source but the storing part is anyway going to be in a lithium-ion battery or an equivalent battery that doesn't come from a renewable source of energy. This makes usage of electric vehicles only 50% clean.


But I think we should still transform to using electric vehicles as much as possible. The reason is that only if there is a demand there will be more innovation in that particular field and there will be new things emerging out of that industry making it usable for the consumers. When more people look at electric vehicles in the future, there can be a breakthrough someday and we might come up with a renewable battery as well.

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Renewable energy is future! Future of all of us. We all need to pay attention to it, before it is too late. Soon, we will have only renewable energy.

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