The best times to exercise for losing extra pounds

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Exercise helps in maintaining physical fitness and preventing obesity, and there are advantages to exercising in the morning and other advantages to exercising in the evening, so what is the best time to exercise and burn fat?

Many people are confused at the most appropriate time to exercise and stimulate body fat burning to lose excess weight. Some believe that morning exercise is the best at all, while some believe that exercising in the evening helps to burn more fat.

The best time to exercise and burn fat

In fact, it is not possible to determine the best time to exercise because this is due to several factors.

Therefore, it is advised to choose the time that corresponds to the long-term goals, so that commitment and continuity in exercising during this time for long periods of time can be committed without any hindrance to this matter.

For example, daily morning sports are not appropriate for people who go to work in the early morning, nor can exercise at night be practiced if the work was during the evening period.

In order to resolve this matter, you must learn about the benefits of exercising in the morning and the benefits of exercising in the evening, and based on these benefits it is possible to choose the optimal time to exercise in a manner appropriate to the circumstances of life.

The benefits of exercise in the morning

Here are the most common benefits for the body and psychological state when exercising in the morning:

1- Taking advantage of the morning sun rays

Exercising during the morning helps take advantage of sunlight, which is important for the health of the body, as it provides a good amount of vitamin D, which increases the body's absorption of calcium, thus enhancing bone health.

2- Feeling energetic and energetic

When starting the day with exercise, it increases the body's vigor and vitality and reduces feelings of lethargy and laziness, and exercise in the morning improves brain health and improves mental capabilities, and thus the productivity of work will increase.

3- Stimulating the burning process

The chances of burning body fat increase when you exercise in the morning, because it stimulates the metabolism and thus increases the rates of burning throughout the day.

4- De-stress

You can feel relaxation when exercising in the middle of nature during the daytime period, as it helps to meditate and get rid of negative energy and tension that affects the psychological state and health during the day.

Benefits of exercising in the evening

And now know the benefits of exercising in the evening.

1- Not to accumulate tasks in the morning

There are many morning tasks that many people are used to doing, such as drinking a cup of coffee and taking a cold or warm bath, before going to work.

And with another important addition to the daytime period of playing sports, it will become more difficult to stick to all of these things before going to work.

2- Increasing the body's willingness to exercise

In the evening period, the body is more ready to exercise because it was supplied with energy throughout the day, unlike the morning period which causes feeling sleepy in many people, especially in the case of sleeping late.

Also, eating the three meals throughout the day enhances the energy levels of the body before exercising in the evening.

3- Feeling warm

In the cold winter season, exercise helps increase body temperature and reduce the feeling of cold, so evening exercise will be better during the winter season.

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Topics: Health, sports
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