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My Silver Rewards

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2 months ago

Hey guys!

Hi Read.Cash community, this is my first post here. I'll be posting Splinterlands content in English. The posts here will have less images than the ones I post in Hive, at least for now, because I'm not used to the tools here. Here's a link to my PeakD profile if you'd like to see the original post.

Welcome to this post where I’ll be sharing with you my rewards for the past two days (7th & 8th of September). And I’m talking about the two past days, because rented cards last, for at least, two days.

Day 1

With my own cards I managed to reach the Wild Silver League, and from there, I rented Silver level cards to be as competitive as possible. Unfortunately, that was a waste of money, since the vast majority of my opponents, were level one bots, so there was no need for me to waste 1800 crystals. The good thing is that Silver was a piece of cake, and in around 30 battles, with a winning streak of 28, I managed to get to Gold.

The most interesting battles, of my path through Silver, are the ones where I was not allowed to use my rented Splinters, Life and Water, and deal with my opponent with level one cards, so those are ones that I’ll share.


From the four battles I saved, I picked the two, where the bots didn’t do something stupid, like positioning the Mantoid as a tank. These are teams you could expect from a human.

Battle #1: Only the Death Splinter allowed and a tight Mana cap. Our options were limited, because of an Even Stevens rule. There was also an Equalizer rule, so using many low Mana cards is profitable. I guess the card that stands out here, is the Revealer with it’s Stun. Being able to make the enemy tank skip it’s next attack, in such a short battle, is quite valuable. Also, free Mana cards, like the Chicken, are invaluable in an Equalizer rule.

Battle #2: Another short Mana battle, where we could only choose Dragon or Fire. Considering that is very much probable that my opponent is going to use Fire Melee cards, I went for Chwala’s Thorns, one of the best tanks for short Mana combat, assuming that your opponent is going to use Melee cards.

I had a Water Focus in the first day and here are the rewards

Day 2

I had very easily reach the Gold League and I still had 24 hours left with my Silver cards, so I charged into battle with them. Unfortunately, Gold III had opponents with Gold cards and I lost more than I won, so I got stuck in Gold League, climbing and falling, and climbing again. To be fair, some of those loses were against opponents who were in the same situation as me, talking about Monster level, but in many other situations I was overpowered. Actually I managed to lose eight times in a row.


Here are some battles that I consider to be the most even

Battle #1: No limitations for neither of us, despite the ruleset; I mean, I think both of us used the Monsters we wanted to use. In my case, the lineup that I used, is the one I assemble when I have to deal with very strong teams, like Yodin Zaku’s Ranged attackers, or like in this case, one of the old Magical lineups. I don’t generate much power, but I make myself almost untouchable, and little by little, I take down the enemy Monsters.

Battle #2: Fair battle again, although my opponent had better cards. Fortunately, I had the Kraken, whose a big obstacle for any team, regardless the level. In this case the tactic is simple; give my opponent something big to hit, while I constantly heal it and while I take down his lineup. Although my tactic worked, I was very lucky with the Enrage rule, otherwise the enemy Monsters would’ve landed more hits and killed the Kraken, even from round one.

Here are the rewards from this second day, where I had an anti-melee focus, which I wasn’t able to fully exploit, because I didn’t have many cards to do that.

In conclusion, I was affected by the two-day rent system, because I could’ve save half my crystals and spend them, the next day, in Gold League cards. I was also affected by my own lack of knowledge; I usually expect more difficulties in the high Silver League, but no… my last battle in Silver, if I’m not mistaken, was against a level one player.

The Thumbnail was done in Canva

This is it guys, thanks for reading!

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2 months ago
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