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SmartBCH exploration sharing

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2 months ago (Last updated: 1 month ago)
Topics: BCH, $EBEN, Mist

Today I would like to share some of my experience in the SmartBCH world exploration.

So currently the BCH community has already successfully developed the smartBCH Defi which catch up with other crypto communities. 

With the generous BCH I gained from here , I able to "freely" to try out those farming/pool functions which is super expensive in other network in particular ETH. I learn a lot farming/pool knowledge from SmartBCH as the transaction fee is real real low that close to no pain feeling. Bravo SmartBCH.

As far as I explored, there are two BCH smartBCH that I know of :  

Benswap is the earlier DEX, So I took part also and been joining the sky rocket launch also - its price like rocket rise , while I still not familiar with farming and thank to my inaction due to unfamiliar , 1 week later when I come back to check the price, I found the price of EBEN has up by 10x from my initial investment.

Wow SmartBCH is so amazing !

But I decided to cash out the profit to proceed with my September planning of free grocery execution: 

And left with some 10% to continue learning the farming and LP etc. And I felt grateful it's pretty good decision as I continue to explore all the farm/pool in

This week I get to know there is another swap is launched ! named after Mistswap. Having the experience in Benswap, I am guessing the rocket fuels may be on going planting by the owner and could trigger launch anytime !

The Farm in mistswap even so much attactive to hit 11000%, this is real eye-openning for me to see this kind of APY growing ! Though I knew the window wont be last forever, I believe it's still good to join the initial stage (APY drop to 3600% as of time writing). But I think it's good to accumulate MIST as much as quick as possible , awaiting the rocket button to press !

On the other hand, I noticed something interesting between the two platforms:

The same pair - Eben/BCH & FlexUSD/BCH LP , the interest APY can differ so much ! Though I understand different coins to be collected - 1 is Eben , 1 is MIST, But I to have wild guess/bet that MIST stands better chance in securing the future appreciation.

At time of writing, price fluatuation in EBEN really of bit scary , where it looks keep sliding down with on and off 1 high spike like heart beat.

While MIST is super new, the price of it seems floating at certain more reasonable range.

If were you, which platform you will place your SmartBCH on more ?

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Written by   54
2 months ago (Last updated: 1 month ago)
Topics: BCH, $EBEN, Mist
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