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Crypto grocery purchase (final)

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3 months ago
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Finally there is some price hike the time when I thinking of if to replace the going-to faulty rice cooker. So seeing the price is able to fully cover the rice cooker price, without hesitation then we decided to grab the rice cooker we saw it the other day.

So this rice cooker of the brand Song Cho join our home appliance started today !

This whole week was quite busy in grabbing some routine grocery from the supermarket in conjunction the count down of the promo. (They are giving 12% off for purchases made in the collaborated supermarket)

Morning I grab some germicide , especially important thing in this pandemic season. And few instant noodle for staying home food. And Yakult to improve digestion system.

Tuesday went another supermarket that having same collaboration with, and grab some $20 stuff more. This day grab more to food type. As others already grabbed yesterday.

Thu is the last day of september. So after careful calculation, decided to grab a rice cooker today!

After I tabulate the whole month data, I was so happy that in the month of august and september , I managed to grab S$285.98 worth of grocery stuff from supermarket. At the same time because of this spending, I also get back 157 CRO, which is equivalent to USD23.6 (current CRO = $0.15) . Haha this sounds like it rewarded me for grabbing free stuff from supermarket and so tiring to move the parts back home :))

Felt very thankful to @Read.Cash and @SmartBCH , for having these great platforms that I able to take part and accumulate to make the purchase using crypto in real life !

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Crypto is really amazing this way , where really open one's eye view wide! Good stuff with zero dollar spent !

Interested friend, if interested can get debit card with my referral code: 

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Written by   54
3 months ago
Topics: Crypto, Life, BCH
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