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Libra Association Vice Chairman "Libra is more suitable as a payment method than Bitcoin"

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1 year ago

The Vice Chairman of the Libra Association argued that the stablecoin 'Libra' is much more suitable as a global payment method than Bitcoin (BTC).

 According to a report on Cryptocurrency Media Coedesk on Monday (7), the vice-president of the Libra Association, Dante Disparte, said, “The mathematical scarcity supports the value of Bitcoin at the recent CES Digital Currency Forum. "It's an interesting asset that shows that you can do it," he said. 

 "The first step in the ladder of economic mobility is payment access. The utility of cryptocurrency is not just about reducing payment costs," he explained.

 Libra is a kind of synthetic currency designed by Facebook for billions of people who don't have access to financial services. It was decentralized rather than traditional finance because each company belonging to the Libra Association managed nodes, but more centralized than Bitcoin or Ethereum, which is a disapproval method. 

 The Libra Association requires the approval of an existing association to join a consortium assembled for Libra management.

 "We are trying to answer complex questions such as how Libra will achieve a massive proliferation and whether it will completely eliminate the fragmentation of payments that incur costs and ultimately hinder payment access," he said.

 "It's hard to believe that a group of companies seeking self-interest can create a better monetary system than a decentralized system," said Akin Sawyerr, head of Decred Project Strategy. "Because it is the only way for the best system."

 "Autonomy means that individuals have control over their money without censorship," he said. "Bitcoin can't be taken by anyone if they manage their keys directly. "I wonder if I can have it."

 "It's unfair to test whether Cryptocurrency is a true cryptocurrency, even if a non-approved cryptocurrency project actually provides a payment system and demonstrates scalability in developing countries." "The cryptocurrency industry is not the same zero-sum game with 'this or that'."

 Meanwhile, Travalala, an online hotel reservation platform, paid 60% of its sales last month in cryptocurrency.

 Travalla's post on the 1st (local time) official blog showed that in December last year, Travalla's sales increased 33.5% compared to the previous month, and more than 60% of them were settled in cryptocurrency.

 The most paid cryptocurrency accounted for 28% of Bitcoin. ▲ Travala's own token AVA (9%) ▲ Bitcoin Cash (8%) ▲ Ethereum (4%) ▲ Binan Coin (3%) ▲ Dash (3%) ▲ Monero (2%) ▲ Others ( 6%) Cryptocurrency was used for payment. Credit cards and PayPal accounted for 37% of all non-crypto payment methods.

In November, Travala partnered with

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Written by   211
1 year ago
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