Is the hot project FLOW worth the investment?

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FLOW is a blockchain public chain project. In the public chain field, almost all investors believe that there is no room for competition, and Ethereum has already taken advantage of it. Why does such a public chain project attract so many investors' attention?

Because the background of this team is not small, and the focus of this public chain is different from the general public chain.

The FLOW team is the team of the first popular game project "CryptoKitty" on Ethereum. Back then, with the game CryptoKitties, its team instantly became popular in the entire circle, and CryptoKitties also became an iconic game in Ethereum, which left a deep impression on people.

But after the crypto cat game, the team seems to have no more popular projects. Therefore, over the years, the team seems to have been forgotten by the circle. It was not until the launch of this public chain project that it attracted attention again.

From the newly launched project FLOW, the team has been studying the underlying public chain for these years, hoping to build a public chain specifically designed for blockchain games, and after years of unremitting efforts,found a solution to Ethereum's poor performance.

The team has now launched the FLOW project and started financing on Coinlist. It is worth noting that investors who want to participate in project financing must go through compliance review and KYC certification. 

In addition to the investment threshold that limits the number of participants and affects the popularity of the project to a certain extent, the field in which the project itself is also faced with greater challenges-the biggest challenge is that the ecology of Ethereum has been so perfect Under such circumstances, how many future projects are willing to leave Ethereum and build on another public chain? The project party also bluntly admitted to this point.

In my opinion, in addition to Ethereum, EOS and TRON are also potential competitors for FLOW, and EOS and TRON have always been platforms for blockchain games, so FLOW is facing considerable competitive pressure.

In addition, from the perspective of FLOW’s issuance, its total issuance exceeds 1 billion. This time the fundraising was raised by a Dutch auction method, and a guaranteed reserve price of US$0.1 was set. Therefore, even if estimated with the guaranteed reserve price, its total issuance market value exceeds 100 million US dollars, and the highest price may exceed 1 billion US dollars.

This market value is not high but not low, so the price is not obvious compared with other popular projects.

Therefore, from the overall perspective of the team, ecology, and valuation, I think the biggest weakness of the project is the ecology. If Flow cannot break the barriers that competitors have formed in the ecology, I am afraid that the project will eventually become silent. ----Just like countless competitors who have claimed to defeat Ethereum.

The biggest competitive advantage of the project team lies in the experience that the team has accumulated in the game field, which is probably a rare advantage of other teams in the industry. 

On the whole, based on the current price and market value, I wouldn't get into it , but will continue to observe the subsequent development of the project.

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