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The most popular project in the NFT field recently is undoubtedly Axie Infinity.

This is a game project on Ethereum. The gameplay of the project is relatively simple and straightforward, that is, players need to buy 3 elf to form a team, and then use this team to fight monsters and upgrades. In the process, players can get trophies or enhance combat effectiveness.

You can find a lot of articles on the Internet about how to play the game, as well as detailed strategies. These strategies are not complicated. Players who play games according to the introduction of these strategies can earn 30 dollar a day after investing 930 dollar.

The elf in the game are modeled on salamander and looks full of comics style. Now this sprite avatar is also quoted everywhere as the avatar of some players. This game was launched very early, but it didn't get very popular until the beginning of this year. Seeing its current prosperity reminds me of the experience I had passed with it.

I knew about this project probably in 2018 or 2019, when the market was in a bear market. I remember that the price of Ethereum was already very low at that time, and the price of ethereum was less than $300 as far as I remember. I was focusing into Ether while looking at projects worth investing in the bear market in a big way.

At that time, I believed that the game would be a good scene for Ethereum's landing application, but I was doubt that the performance of Ethereum is so poor, can it afford complex games? Especially when I think of the hot mobile games and web games at the time, I think about Ethereum. If you want to implement such a complicated gameplay on Ethereum, how much processing fee does the player need?

But despite this, I still watched a lot of games with patience, including cards, collectibles and Axie Infinity.

When I saw this project, my first impression was that I didn’t think the elf in the game were cute. At the same time, I also felt that this way of fighting monsters in groups of three is too simple and the game props and design can not be compared with traditional games . So I didn't pay attention to the development of the game since then.

When this game caught my attention again, it was the end of last year. The event that caught my attention was that the project issued the governance token AXS, and Binance launched this coin on its Launchpad.

When I attended a blockchain conference in April this year, I heard about a good thing of this project. This time I learned that this project in Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia, has become a livelihood for many unemployed people.

Malaysia has a special organization, YGG, which is mainly for local unemployed people. As long as these unemployed people have access to the Internet, this organization will help them find livelihood opportunities online. And this game has become a very good means of making a living. Many unemployed people make a living by playing this game to fight monsters and upgrades, earning fee sharing.

At this time, I realized that this game has such a big application scenario in another corner of the world.

Although there are such players in traditional games who specialize in helping people fight monsters and upgrade to earn a living, this game has a unique trophy. The token SLP it generates can be directly traded on exchanges and exchanged for legal currency. I think this mechanism is also one of the reasons why it can attract a large influx of players.

After the game governance token, AXS, went online at the end of last year, it has hovered around $0.3~0.4 value for a long time. The lowest is only $0.1 and the high is only $28, but the current price is $15. Its other token, SLP, has been hovering between 0.01 and 0.04 US dollars for a long time, but it has now risen to 0.36 US dollars, which is also a few times the increase. Looking back on my experience with this project, I have to feel how difficult is to break the shackles of traditional thinking in this field. Only by constantly self revolution and self "Negation" can I keep pace with the times and seize new opportunities.

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this game is really unique but it is not easy to make money while playing game because 60 to 75 % people losing money.

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