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Summer (2)

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NOTE: This is the Part two of my first story entitled Summer. This will serve as the continuation of what happened or what will happen with Alex and Hana. There will be a part three. Please support and share your encounter with your first love or your first meetup with your LDR sweethearts.

Bear with my grammatical errors. I hope you enjoy reading. Please support my works! I do appreciate comments and suggestions. Thank you!

“Hey, can you send me your copy of all of our requirements in every subject?”

It was around nine in the evening, Sunday, when I received a message from my friend, Rei. We just finished our first week for this semester and the professors gave as tons of requirements including the books that they assigned us to buy. Luckily, I work for summer jobs so I can buy them from my own money. I immediately get my small notebook where I wrote all the requirements, took a photo of it and sent it to Rei.

It was just first week of the semester yet I somehow feel tired already with all the notes and the topics that our professor discussed. I need to make myself busy so I can get good grades. I am in my last year in college and I really need to ace this semester even quite a bit. I need to make myself busy, to distract myself. It’s been almost 3 months, and that ‘Alex’ incident’ still feels like yesterday. I feel guilty for using him. And I think karma hits me, last month I started looking for Alex. My friends will scold me for being like this because I know it is my fault. But, I’m sorry maybe I really used him for my own recovery not considering how great person Alex is. I want him back. I miss him so much. And right now, I’m really sure that this feeling is genuine and real. But, how can I get him back? He deactivated the account where we used to talk to. We don’t share our phone numbers. We lost our contact after the incident, and I won’t blame him, I hurt him so much.

The next morning, I arrived at the university earlier than usual. There were organization booths in the quadrangle. I was too busy on choosing what org should I join beside my accounting org when Rei tapped me on my shoulder and asked me to grab some breakfast.

“Please, Hana. I woke up early today and still in hurry to fix something in my org. I didn’t eat breakfast today.”

We decided to eat breakfast in Jollibee near the university. I ordered two pancakes and a coffee since I don’t really eat rice in the morning. Rei ordered the breakfast meal which is rice with egg and sausage plus her all-time favorite pineapple juice. Rei is one of the officers of her dance organization. That is why she is so busy today and maybe for the whole 3 days. After eating, we go back to the university. I headed upstairs and went inside our classroom. There were few professors, maybe some of them are still on vacation or were busy trying to help their students in org stuffs. I put my earphones and play my exo playlist. I cross my arms on the desk and lay my head on it using my arms as my pillow. I woke up early and I still feel sleepy so I decided to take a nap. I heard a few voices behind me. Maybe those are guys who are not in this section since their voice was kind of unfamiliar for me. I fell asleep a little and woke up from their laughter. I was quite doubting or maybe I’m being paranoid because I somehow think they were making fun of me. I automatically stood up after hearing one their names.

“Come on, Alex!”

But I was too late. I turned around and all I saw was the door closing.

Okay, I know there are too many Alex in this world. Is it wrong for me to hope that it was him?

The day went fast and the org booths were nowhere to be seen in the quadrangle anymore. Today is Friday again and it’s raining so hard. I don’t know if there will be typhoon or there is or what. I’m not quite updated. Rei will be staying on my dorm for tonight until Sunday so I decided to meet her in their building. Rei is a psychology student. She texted me that their professor changed their room near the engineering department, so I fix my things and went there.

“Oh my gosh, sis! I really have lots of books to buy. I haven’t even buy supplies for myself.” I laughed as I saw her meme face again.

“Let’s go home first, I feel hungry from waiting for you.”

We decided to ride the train since it was quite late. Luckily, there were few people in the station and even inside the train and we did get a chance to sit.

“Shall we just order for our dinner?” I asked Rei as we entered my unit. We listed our order and Rei volunteered to call KFC. After around 30-40 minutes, our food arrived. I placed my small table in front of the television so we can eat while watching. We finished eating and taking our showers at around 10:45. Rei is already sleeping next to me, she might be exhausted today. I grabbed my phone and tried to search for Alex facebook account AGAIN. Okay, call me desperate or what. But, I really want him back. I like him so much.

The next day, we decided to go to the mall to buy some of the supplies that Rei and I needed. We first entered the bookstore and bought papers, some pens and highlighters. Then, we decided to shop for some clothes too.

“I’m thinking to buy my books in Recto. Our professor advised us to a known store and brings our school IDs so we can avail the discount. Do you want to come with me later?” I asked Rei before I sip on my pineapple juice. We are taking our lunch in McDonalds right now because Rei was craving for chicken fillets and nuggets.

“I’m not sure. I need to meet my org mates later to give my files.” Rei continues to eat. “But, don’t worry. I promise to bring dinner for us.”

Since I will be buying books later, Rei volunteered to drive me to Recto but I told her that I can commute. So she insisted to bring my stuffs to my unit since she will go back there before meeting her mates. I took the train and texted Rei that I was on my way. As I reached my station, I decided to walk from here to Recto since it is quite near. I hold the strap of my bag and get my small notebook where I wrote the address of the bookstore including the required books and its details. As I have found the store, I go to one of the female vendors and handed her my list and my school ID. She scanned my list of books and searched it to their shelves. I checked the time on my watch, 5:15 PM. It was quite late and the sky seems a bit dark. I was hoping that it will not rain, I have no umbrella with me plus my books will really get wet. I paid and hurriedly run back to the station hoping I could go home safely. There were already raindrops and it will surely rain heavily. I sit beside the guy as I wait for a train. I didn’t expect that the trains are full today; there were many people in the station maybe they also panicked and decided to take the train. It was raining so hard and the wind is quite strong causes the raindrops to splatter inside the station. I grabbed a small towel from my bag to wipe myself. The guy beside me is also wet, I decided to give him a tissue.

‘Doroteo Jose Station’

The empty train stops in our station. People started running towards the doors of the train so they can immediately find a seat as they enter. The guy beside me stood up and headed toward the train. I was about to stand when I saw a school ID on the floor, same as mine. I picked it up thinking the guy dropped it, I tried to run to the door of the train hoping I can catch him, but the doors are already closed and the train started moving.

The moment I look for the school ID information, my heart skipped AGAIN. It was the feeling I felt the moment I heard his name again.

Jace Alexis Ramirez.

It was cold. The sky is still dark. The rain is falling heavily. It was him. The guy sitting beside me for almost an hour, it was him.

Maybe the rain isn’t always for heartbreaks or for sad endings. Maybe the rain is a continuation or the starting process for everything, for me, or for us.



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