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The Next Wave of BCH Whales Is You

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4 months ago

Back a few years ago, in Bitcoin's forum you could earn many Bitcoins yearly when the price was a lot lower. Although not many of those hunting bounties and rewards were indeed holding, since some had this mental state of thinking it as their online work. And earning online method. Most were trading, selling, not understanding, not believing.

What would cause someone that trully understood the power of crypto to sell everything at prices that today seem low? $1, $10, even $100 or $500 dollars was prices many thought were great to sell. And I don't judge all those amazing people in Bitcoin that were using their Bitcoin to buy items online, or use them in black markets sending a message of liberty. Talking about all those that sold their crypto with maniac approach thinking that holding in a bank dollar bills helped them better. How many have you heard in the past telling, if I held my Bitcoin or Ethereum, today I would be a millionaire. They could have held, they just didn't believe it was all real.

It is terrible to think like that when you are in crypto. This is about putting your money in crypto and investing. Anything else is a bonus that adds to your position and when the massive herd of investors finally realize this was not a joke but the future, then you are sitting back and enjoying.

Bitcoin Cash is for all of us and all those that keep selling today, a big chance, one that maybe you don't even understand yet, how it will bring life changing wealth to you, only if you have the guts to start accumulating, spending in BCH transactions, and aiming to increase your position. It will become the most used cryptocurrency and will reach above Bitcoin's BTC transactions again sooner than you think.

Imagine considering Read.Cash as your job and selling everything for your inflationary fiat national currency. I wrote something same a month ago, and I feel many did not realize but started finding excuses.

I don't expect you to hold our investments if you don't have a source of income. I am not talking about you. Those that can't cover for their cost of living should not invest anyway. But, if you can save money, save it in Bitcoin Cash.

This is not about you supporting Bitcoin Cash, it is what Bitcoin Cash will offer to you in the next five to ten years.

You need to keep using Bitcoin Cash too, not just hoard and hodl. Bitcoin Cash is the internet's magic money. It exists only in the blockchain, and it is only digits, but it has this purpose to use and spend it. If your shops don't accept it, you may find online offers and spend less than transfering it to your bank first.

If you just want more fiat money, you have lost the purpose and the game, you are in a wrong place and don't really understand what this revolution stands for. has this map that gives all the websites and shops that accept Bitcoin Cash as a payment. It is not everywhere in the world, but as price of BCH will keep rising expect more to join this club.

We are presented with an incredible opportunity today, one that previous internet "workers" missed as they sold Bitcoin for peanuts.


I wrote not to sell your Bitcoin Cash in the past, but this looked like asking to hodl, which is a dubious investing strategy. But when we are in a crypto that actually offers everything one would demand from a cryptocurrency, we can't simply let it slip and lose our chances.

This is not an XRP similar token that founders are massively dumping in the market at any price there is left. It is not a premined token, but one that successfully recreates the vision of Bitcoin's whitepaper.

There is no Craig Wright threat as in BSV of grabbing the 1 million Satoshi tokens to sell. There is no masterplan, this is what exactly the Bitcoin community wanted, probably at a rate of 90% in 2015 when the scaling debate started.

If Bitcoin had followed with the suggestions and scaled, we would be talking today about a very different Bitcoin and everyone knows there would be a very different price too, one way higher from what it achieved in 2021.

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Written by   306
4 months ago
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