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Price Of BCH Today Is a Golden Opportunity

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3 months ago

Prices today are an opportunity for opening long positions, since every indicator is right at the bottom.

If I was trading BTC, I'd give I wouldn't even have as first target 45k but higher for the next one week.

But for BCH, after the latest manipulation that led price diving into unexpected lows, it is a different story. Maybe the exchanges will once again buy the bottom but the BTC whales manipulating the BCHBTC pair and the naked shorts at Binance are still not letting the BCH asset to shine as it should.

No worries! The lower it gets the more we can all accumulate, since BCH is a long term game, not just a pump and dump like the rest new tokens that appear all of the sudden out of nowhere.

Investors buy like sheep and don't understand a lot about this market. They only buy what is served to them, but they will meet Bitcoin Cash too and reconsider their mistakes for allowing the BTC whales to treat such a golden opportunity like that.

I always hated market manipulation and excessive shorting. The shorts will get rekt, especially since the BCH shorts are naked, similar to the AMC and GameStop short squeeze we watched in 2021.

Bitcoin Cash has no algos manipulating price in exchanges, and very few exchanges are helping avoid such naked shorting practices, while plenty of the big exchanges are encouraging whales to crash BCH just to help the price of BTC. They also crash BTC often, but the plan is to keep BCH manipulated in lower and lower BCHBTC ratio.

This begins right at the top, those big whales that move BCH down since this is the only voice of reason against the BTC nonsense.

Roger Ver talked about this years ago, BTC is simply a Pyramid today, an asset that has no usefulness but all discussion and all that matters is the price.

Bitcoin Cash has everything that Bitcoin BTC lacks today. Beyond the reasonable features of the network, being explossive fast and not expensive to use, it is also non-toxic. There are no repulsive control freaks or trolls spamming completely stupid slogans taken directly from Saylor and Back catchlines.

There is about 20-40 points IQ difference between the average intellegence of the Bitcoin Cash and the Bitcoin Core communities, starting from the devs and moving as far as to the last investor.

Those attracted to idiocy become part of this spam/troll group and proceed by replying to your tweets and forum threads with toxicity and aggression. Don't need to discuss with idiots, really, they don't even deserve to comment on our posts, so either let them rot and the public oust them, or block them instead.

This is not a game, we are not admins to keep a forum free of censorship. This is the user experience and when a moron thinks they can troll they are getting blocked. You state an opinion, if this is not stated properly then get out of here. Be a polite person that adds constructive arguments and realize perhaps you also may be wrong in your approach, then you may even win the argument.

But toxic trolls? Starting their response with luls and lmfao and expecting to be treated with respect? Nah, these are just instant-banned trolls, they will be a waste of time and not even considering talkind them out of their nonsense ways of thinking.


Imagine any reputable person on the internet, suddenly replying to a tweet or a post they didn't like, starting with the abbreviation "LMFAO" to make a point.

Don't even know how there are so many trolls on the internet today, it seems they are all paid to create chaos and bring confusion to any conversation that seems interesting.

And Bitcoin BTC has so many of these trolls that it should be an interesting case study to inverview some of them, having their online history of posts and comments and asking them, how do they really feel about themselves.

I can't think anything else, rather than they are paid to be like that. Well anyway, you probably have found by now this practice against BCH only brings the opposite results from what was expected.

The only problems BCH have to face were from within, and look what those that left created, BSV and eCash, two networks irrelevant since the day they moved out of Bitcoin Cash. This is not about selfish ambitions but working towards the good of the network which will produce value for all participants.

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Written by   304
3 months ago
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I was trying to explain to someone just yesterday that BCH price at the moment is a perfect opportunity to buy more, but he just didn't get it. A lot of people do panic sells at this moment but it's a wrong move.

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3 months ago

You can't convince everyone. They don't understand what is right in front of them as a way out of their troubles in five to ten years. Panic selling is the worst. It can also go lower for some more time depending on how the rest o fthe market does, but BCH will begin an escape from the decline. Until then I keep accumulating and using bitcoin cash.

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3 months ago

That's right! We're the future BCH whales.

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3 months ago