Fun facts about the brain

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The brain is an inexhaustible source of new information for scientists, who despite their efforts still struggle quite a bit with interpreting all of its functions.

Yet some of them we know are phenomenal and fun, and on the other hand they reveal to us just how little we know about how the human brain actually works.

The average brain weighs approximately 1.3 kg and consists of 75 percent water. It has an incredible 160,000 kilometers of blood vessels and between 80 and 120 billion neurons, with that number increasing with learning.

Sixty percent of the brain consists of the so-called. gray matter, while the rest is white matter, and it is interesting that the brain is also the fattest organ.

Men have a 10 percent bigger brain than women, and in the waking state it produces enough energy to turn on a light bulb - between 10 and 23 watts.

Although the brain is more active during sleep than when awake, scientists estimate that people use only 10 percent of the brain's potential. It is also interesting to note that a person has an average of about 70,000 thoughts a day that swarm in his brain.

Stress changes the functions of the brain and brain cells, so you really need to be careful and find ways to release stress, and you can cool it down by yawning.

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The brain has not been fully explored yet, we will see what will happen in the future.

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2 years ago

All our activities are directly related to brain the way we learn, remember, and learn new things. In fact, human brains are more omnipotent than other living creatures. I am glad to learn these amazingly interesting facts about human brain. Thanks for sharing.

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2 years ago