Tinolang Manok without using Oil

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3 years ago

i never thought that i will come to this day that I'm thinking of something to eat that will never compromise my health. when we are young we can always eat anything we want, can grab the food and eat not thinking of MSG or Sodium and fats that's going inside in our body.

now that i'm not getting any younger and not that healthy anymore I realize that the phrase"you become what you eat" is definetely TRUE.

now i'd like to share with you my recipe of Tinolang Manok without using Oil.


1/2 kilo of Chicken (it's up to you what part of the chicken)

1 cup of malunggay leaves

1 cup of slice green papaya

1 cup of slice Squash (kalabasa)

1/2 cup of ginger

1 tablespoon of garlic

pinch of salt and pepper

How to do it?

first, boil the chicken in 10 cups of water, when it's boiled add the ginger, garlic, and green papaya bring to a boil, second, put the squash, salt, and peeper to taste. boil it for about 6 to 10 minutes until the green papaya is cook.

there you have it my healthy tinolang manok without using oil.

i hope you like it!

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Made this today.. came out really tasty! Thanks a lot! Ate too much too..This is the best recipe I've ever made

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3 years ago

na miss ko tuloy ang native na tinolang manok.😁😁

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3 years ago

Ahh that looks good. That's what I'll be having for dinner, actually

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3 years ago

This is good for those who have high bad cholesterol level.

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3 years ago