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The Government Must Defend Indigenous Peoples

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10 months ago
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Organizations of Indigenous Peoples in Indonesia support the General Elections Supervisory Agency of the Republic of Indonesia. Why do they support the General Elections Supervisory Body of the Republic of Indonesia?

There is a secret behind this support. First, I'll take you into a story about electoral participation. So far, election organizers have not been maximal in achieving participatory elections. There are many communities from vulnerable groups who are left behind from democratic and electoral activities, especially indigenous peoples.

Non-profit organizations that defend the rights of indigenous peoples cannot be part of elections and democracy. They said: Since Indonesia's independence, indigenous peoples have not been involved in election and democracy activities, except in the 2019 Simultaneous Elections.

Therefore, indigenous peoples' organizations support the General Elections Supervisory Body of the Republic of Indonesia which has provided the opportunity for indigenous peoples to participate in monitoring election. "This is the first time since Indonesia's independence," they said.

The problem inventory is one of the preparations for Bawaslu supervision ahead of the 2024 Simultaneous General Election and Pilkada. This was revealed by Bawaslu Member Mochammad Afifuddin in a public discussion entitled "Vulnerable People's Voting Rights" in Jakarta, Friday (20/8/2021) where most of the participants took part online ---

There are many problems that make indigenous peoples lose their rights in this country. I don't know if there are indigenous peoples in your country. Is the problem the same as here.

These problems include:

  1. Indigenous peoples find it difficult to live wherever they want to live. The reason is that the area where they live is part of a protected forest. Thus, indigenous peoples receive discrimination from the government to explain how they have a place to live. Indigenous people living in protected forests do not know that their area is a protected forest.

  2. Indigenous peoples do not get recognition as citizens. Because they do not have identity cards as administrative evidence that they are residents of the Indonesian state. They do not know what is the use of the identity card? They don't know how to get a residency card? They don't know if they have to have a residency card?

  3. Some of the indigenous peoples who do not live in one area have problems during the party of democracy. They do not know how to exercise their right to vote and how they can be registered as voters in elections. In fact, the law obliges the government to record all citizens of the state, including indigenous peoples. If there are citizens who have the right to vote because they have fulfilled the requirements to exercise their right to vote, but they are not registered as voters, then the people who are tasked with registering them as voters can be punished according to the criminal law for allegedly removing the right to vote from the public. custom.

There are many other administrative issues, all of which are being advocated by communities or non-profit organizations working in the field of human rights of indigenous peoples. That problem cannot be solved by the state administrative law which is used for citizens living in cities. Indigenous peoples who live in forests must have their own laws because it is the duty of the state to guarantee life for all people, including indigenous peoples.

To fight for the rights of indigenous peoples, the General Elections Supervisory Body of the Republic of Indonesia has organized many trainings so that indigenous peoples know the reasons they exercise their right to vote during elections. Not only that, the General Elections Supervisory Body of the Republic of Indonesia also provides assistance for the activities of organizations that defend the rights of indigenous peoples, in particular the civil rights and political rights of indigenous peoples.

Indigenous peoples or communities from inland tribes, or tribes living in the forest, and those living on small islands are administratively prevented from getting the attention of this state. Therefore, the Government should do this:

  1. The government must have a way of how indigenous peoples can live safely where they have lived for decades.

  2. The government should provide support for education, health, and assistance to preserve the local customs and culture.

  3. The government must defend indigenous peoples who receive discriminatory treatment from companies that damage the environment in which indigenous peoples live.

  4. The world must help to preserve the customs and culture that exist in all countries, including in Indonesia.

If every culture and custom is missing from the history of human life. We will not be able to see indigenous peoples directly apart from documentary videos. Culture and customs are the most valuable treasures of history.

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Written by   326
10 months ago
Topics: Community
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I really love this article! I'm a proud teacher of Indigenous people. I really love them. It really makes my heart melt for a person like you who sees their struggles. May All of these concerns will be address by the government to make them more comfortable in living.

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10 months ago

In my country-Philippines, indigenous groups have been protected by the law, there are lots of laws passed to preserve the culture and traditions of indigenous groups, There are more than hundreds of indigenous tribes we have on Philippines, the government are equal to them and they are recognized as the citizen of this archipelago. Hopefully, there is no discrimination anong their beliefs, in fact everyone of us respects every beliefs and traditions.❤❤

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10 months ago