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How to write a ToR

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How to write about TERM OF REFERENCES (TOR)


Focus Group Discussion (FGD) Formation of the Task Force for Supervision and Monitoring of News, Broadcasting, and Campaign Advertising in Mass Media in the 2020

I. Background

Supervision of the Election of Governors, Regents and Mayors Simultaneously in 2020 is an important note. Election oversight is divided into prevention and control measures themselves. Moreover, the election of regional heads opens up space for political socialization from participants in cyberspace. This activity, although it has got clear rules. However, the pilkada participants always seek covert campaign loopholes.

Pilkada in the context of bringing voters closer to the candidate for regional head. Thus, the campaign between candidates for regional heads uses all the space that can be used for socialization. One of them is campaigning in mass media, broadcasting, and online media. Especially for this campaign method, the organizers have also tried to bring order to the election participants. The goal is that all participants get justice in the campaign.

However, efforts to maintain campaign fairness in the mass media, print, online, and broadcast still open room for problems. For example, how to match the timing of building self-image and campaigning for election participants? Not to mention, the distribution and number of campaigns. Another problem, participants have different communication relationships with the platform and media owners. So, there are only differences in style, technique, and campaign patterns in the media.

Therefore, the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) is trying to strengthen the supervisory and monitoring task force in mass media, broadcasting and advertising on online platforms. However, Bawaslu requires cooperation with various parties that must be strengthened.

The substance of campaigns in mass media, broadcasting, and political advertisements is to build closeness between participants and voters. Therefore, the Election Supervisory Body held discussions to harmonize prevention, supervision, and enforcement work in the mass media, online, and broadcasting spaces.

II. Purpose and objectives

a. Establishing an institutional synergy between Bawaslu and stakeholders in the context of election supervision;

b. Explore campaign issues in mass media, broadcasting and advertising campaigns.

c. Collecting various solution ideas in the framework of inter-institutional cooperation to be recommended to Bawaslu as material for monitoring the 2020 Pilkada.

III. Output

The expected outcomes of the focused discussion are:

1. Increasing the quality of cooperation between the RI Bawaslu and Stakehloder in overseeing the Pilkada process;

2. Assistance of the Election Supervisor in carrying out the task of supervising the Regional Head Election; and

3. Recommendations or joint solutions in order to equalize perceptions and strengthen collaboration between stakeholders or the community in the context of participatory election supervision.

4. Bawaslu, KPI, Press Council, and KPU are united in the task force for supervising and monitoring news, broadcasting, and advertisements for the 2020 election campaign

IV. Method

In order to optimize the achievement of the objectives and outputs of the discussion, the implementation of this activity is carried out using the following methods:

a. Presentation of resource persons; and

b. discussion

V. Resource Persons and Participants.

The resource persons and discussion participants are gathered as follows:

1. FGD resource persons:

a. RI Bawaslu members;

b. Commissioner of the Central Information Commission

c. Stakeholders/community include: Bawaslu and KPU leaders; and

d. Structural Officials, Experts and Assistance Teams from the Secretariat General of the Indonesian Bawaslu.

e. Press Council.

2. Meanwhile, participants come from stakeholders and the community as well as internal employees of the RI Bawaslu Secretariat and the local Bawaslu.

VI. Implementation Time and Place

The activity will be held in Jakarta, on the 10th s.d. March 11, 2020.

VII. Financing

The source of funding for this discussion will be charged to the 2020 Bawaslu budget.

XI. Closing

Thus this TOR is prepared, if there are things that have not been informed in this activity report, they will be informed later.

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Written by   277
2 months ago
Topics: Politics, Community
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