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$200 for 1 BCH and My Trading Mistake

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1 month ago

0.00946519 BTC is the accumulated assets that I have in Tokocrypto. In rupiah, BTC is equal to Rp 6,402,335.

It's not much but enough to play around in the market. I kept part of my salary and traded it into crypto. The other part came from Bitcoin Cash which I received from readcash. And some are deposits that come from jobs other than my regular job.

I hope to get 1 Bitcoin Cash from my readcash and trades this September. However, there are problems reading the graphs. I am forced to hold on to my assets at this time. Not because I want to invest in some crypto.

However, the selling price was below the purchase price when I bought it. So, There is no other way but to hold on and wait.

My Assets in Crypto

My current crypto assets are not as numerous as other traders. Because I'm still looking for how to read charts for your profit on limit of 1% to 3%.

If I buy when the purchase price is below 3% and it turns out that the cryptocurrency drops to 5% to 8%.

I was forced to wait for 0% and expect the order to match the order with a limit that feels somewhere between 1% and 3% profit.

Apart from Bitcoin Cash, I buy and sell several cryptocurrencies, including:

1. Tokocoin (TKO)

2. Automata (ATA)

3. My Neighbor Alice (ALICE)

4. Coin 98 (C98)

5. BNB

6. Utrust (UTK)

7. Cardano (ADA)

8. Dogecoin (DOGE)

9. Ripple (XRP)

9. Holo (HOT)

10. BitTorent (BTT)

The first four coins are 90% of 0.00946519 BCT or Rp 6402335. I don't know the problem with Tokocrypto. Every transaction always leaves a residual coin.

Previously, Tokocrypto had a program to convert small coins to TKO. However, this coin conversion program is in trouble. Many users have asked this but haven't gotten an answer from the developers at Tokocrypto.

I hope this coin conversion program works again to remove coin residue from every trade.

The market is never wrong, except for our different perspectives

For consideration, we do not need to seek high profits. We just need consistent and sustainable profits. A profit of 1% to 3% daily for 30 days is sufficient.

We can increase the trading volume when we buy as a result of increasing the asset after selling the crypto.

If my current asset is exchanged for Bitcoin Cash, then I need another IDR 3000000, that amount is equal to another $200. After that, I will have 1 BCH. So, there is nothing to lose for us to start trading.

Even though we are new supporters for BCH. We can have more than 1 BCH through the market. How about readcash? If I can hold that BCH, of course I already have more than 1 BCH.

The problem is that I took all that BCH to pay off debts and tuition fees. So I don't have that 1 BCH. However, the current asset conversion will reach 1 BCH this September 2021.

For that, I bought a book about crypto so I can learn. I also follow videos in Indonesian to learn about the market. Don't give up on learning. Buy a book and take your local training and practice to gain experience.

Share the Practice of Your Trading

I'm not a financial professional.

I'm not a merchant with enough experience.

I don't start trading like other people who have started from currency trading or trading in stocks.

I started trading in crypto and I've been losing money by withdrawing my money when the market was down to earth.

How about you?

Do you have experience in trading?

If you already know and understand how to read the potential of trading. You can write articles about your daily trading. So, readers learn from that experience and copy your trading strategy.

Isn't success together better than success alone?

Oh yeah, my asset is not a good example because the price of the crypto I bought is dropping out of the sky. You don't need to follow my experience.

Why are you following my assets which are clearly at a loss.

You can learn from other people's trades. I wrote this article to invite you to write the same article. That way I can learn from your experience and avoid the losses I make.

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Written by   238
1 month ago
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Luckily for me crypto is not income to me. Sure, I earn it here and on noise. And I do buy some and get gains (when the markets are up of course lol). But I can just hold onto whatever I have. I have other money that gets used for any other purposes.

BUT, the fact that there ARE platforms like this that can offer a little something extra is always something I find worthy of appreciation. Especially in certain countries where wages are low and jobs scarce, a site like this and noise offers enormous opportunities for people to get a little farther ahead in this world.

And I like that.

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1 month ago

This is an eye opening...

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1 month ago

I also open my eyes every day to see the market hahaha

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1 month ago

You are holding many coins and I think It is very hard to manage all those and there is a more chance of loss. So, I suggest you stich with only two to three projects only.

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1 month ago

I'm looking for 1% to 3% with potential in some crypto

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1 month ago

That’s good then.

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1 month ago