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An amazing river of stones located in Russia

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8 months ago

The Big Stone River is a river in Toganyai Park in the southern Russian state of Koh-Oral, with thousands of rocks in place of water.
Such rivers of rock are also called rocky paths. These rivers occur all over the world. They extend from Bulgaria's Koh Watsha to the Falkland Islands. But the most impressive to watch is the Big Stone River in Russia's Chelyabinsk Oblast.

It is 6 km long. The river begins with many small rocky rivers, up to 20 meters wide. These rivers then join a large rocky river, which is up to 200 meters wide. In some places, it is 700 meters wide.
Big Stone River is one of the most interesting places in Tanganyi Park.

It is one of the most impressive places in Russia .

Many legendary stories about this river are circulating, but scientists say that this river of rocks is made up of glacier breaks and rivers of rocks at the top of the Taganai 10,000 years ago.
Unlike the rocky rivers around the world,  the highlight of Russia 's Big Stone River is that it passes through the jungles of the Cypriot, like a real river. It has not moved from its place for thousands of years. The stone layers in the river are 4 to 6 meters thick and weigh 10 tons.

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That's unique... Very nice! so there's river in those stones?

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1 month ago

I never heard of this river of rocks. Interesting . I hope that video has english subtitle.

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1 month ago

It's known locally as "the stone river" - a cascade of thousands of giant rocks cutting a channel through the forested hillside of one of North Korea's highest mountains. ... The stone river runs for four kilometres (2.4 miles) and is up to 78 metres (255 feet) wide, according to the local authorities managing the site.

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3 months ago

I had never seen a river of stones, 6km is a lot!!! In Russia there is everything :) Hug from Portugal

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7 months ago

How beautiful. A river full of rocks. A natural wonder.

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4 months ago