Change is an important process in life.

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10 August 2022.

I think everyone loses themselves at some point in time. He changes his old form and gets lost in another world under the pull of newness. But that new world may not bring good things for everyone. Maybe even if it brings something good, we can never forget our old shell or we can never erase the emotion or love we had for that old shell from our mind.

Time performs a kind of motion in every human being which plays a leading role in keeping the process of human change process . But how much that speed will depend a lot on us. How we use our time will depend on how we change or how much the change will be. As such the key to our change is largely within ourselves and the rest will be determined by time.

Our life is divided into different phases. However, categorizing those stages naturally is very difficult. Because various factors may be associated with it, classification can then become a complex matter. But we can divide our life into 3 stages for easy explanation rather than classifying it into any complex stages. Child, adolescent, and old age. Also, our short life can be divided into different stages based on different things. And we continue through these different stages of change.

It cannot be said that our course of change will be the same as it was when we were in the infant stage. Because after a baby is born, the process of change is very slow and there is very little content attachment in the process of change. So it can be said with certainty that it is an easy and simple phase of our life. However, as the child grows older, factors start to add up, and from then on the transition process progresses from simple to a little more complex.

At the end of the childhood stage comes the adolescent stage. According to me the most difficult moment of our life is this teenage phase. At this stage, our transition continues through a very complex process. And at this stage, the flow of change is very extensive. This stage is much more extensive and complex than the stage of infancy and old age. As a result, the process of changing from other stages to this stage continues in our life for a long time.

According to me the last stage of change in our life is old age. It is only after completing a long journey that we have the opportunity to reach this stage. But before reaching this stage we have passed through an important part of our life those stages were not so easy. At this stage of life, people lose the color of life and become very pale and count the days for death with intense desire in their hearts. When will their creator call them to him and they will cross the short life of this world to another world?

Although the process of change is easy at the end of life,but this period is a very difficult time for them. Because many of the desires of people at this stage may have remained unfulfilled. Maybe if he had the chance again he would have fulfilled his irrepressible desires but would have ended his life on this earth. Maybe he still wants to go back to that colorful moment of youth. Maybe he wants to be a naughty child. But these wishes remain only wishes. Because we can never go back to that stage of our life. Because we are at the end of a changing life process. From where a new change process will start, but it is not possible to turn back this process even if one wants to.

Closing thoughts.

Our life is short. So in this short period, we should easily learn to accept all the changes in our life. It will make our life easier. Every moment of life should be valued properly and the colorful moments of life should be enjoyed. We should remember that the time we lose today we will never get back.

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Indeed! We must accept change to move forward... :)

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7 months ago

We can never conduct our life in the same continuity throughout our lives. To achieve something good, we must change ourself.

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7 months ago