She’s My Every Color In One

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It’s almost the month of October, that month is quite special for me, because it’s mine and my bubba’s first anniversary. (*sigh in so much love) So I’ve been thinking to make an another article for her today.

You know, my life’s quiet just a black and white before she came, and now that she’s here, everything seems to be colorful now.

“She’s My Every Color In One”.

Title: She’s My Every Color In One
Published Date: September 24, 2022
Author: alykavinsky 


The happy color. She’s indeed a literal ball of sunshine. The way she light up my day, and every darkness inside of me is truly magical. It’s as if every rays of her sunshine brought healing to my dimming soul. She makes me the happiest of all. She’s my sunny day when rain can’t stop pouring. My light when darkness keeps on sneaking. The one who cheers me up when things gets lonely. Taught me to have fun when life gets a little rocky.


The color of calmness. She’s my serenity. My safe haven, my home. She can calm every chaos within me, and she can tame my raging madness who’s trying to escape when things inside of me seems to be out of control. As wide as the sky and the ocean, she brings nothing but relaxation to my mind and soul, with her around, I could not ask for more.


The color of life. She’s the one who makes me feel alive. The one who made me realized to live life to its fullest, and not the opposite of it. She’s my lucky charm. The one who’s pushing me and helping me to be the better version of myself in all aspects. She helps me grow in so many ways as well, helps me to start anew again.


The color of purity. She’s the most purest soul I have ever met, my angel baby. As good as her heart, as innocent as her personality, as simple as her looks, she’s indeed the exact definition of perfection. My source of hope. The color of her favorite weather, which is cold. The balance between every color. The symbol of freedom and vows.


The color of darkness. She’s my mystery. The way she surprises me in many ways, sometimes makes me feel that she’s the most mysterious being I have ever met. The power she held over me, somehow exudes in so much authority that makes me feels safe and protected. Makes her became more sexy! It’s my favorite color by the way, and she’s my favorite person anyway.


The color of love. She’s simply, the love of my life. My greatest love. She’s like the blood that keeps flowing on my veins, the one who keeps me breathing. Aside from that, she’s my source of courage whenever I feel like I can’t do anything at all. The one who gives me strength in everything like, I can always do it on my own.


The color of comfort and everlasting love. She’s simply the both of them to my life. With her, I feel the most me whenever she’s around. I’m always feeling the most comfortable on her side without the need of faking my feelings and everything in between. Because with her, I can put my whole bunch of trust without the fear of it getting broken. She always have faith in me, and I’m feeling the same.


I can still pick a lot of color to define her very being, but this blog will take forever to read, so I’ll stop here for now. Hehehe I’m being such a huge simp again. This might be a little cringe for some, but, I’m sorry, I’m just insanely in love with her that what I do in life always includes her existence.

So, how are you today? I hope you’re doing well. Have a good day, you fellas! Till the next read.

I’ll be off now. Adiós!

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This is so cute and sweettt, stay strong to the both of you!🤩

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1 year ago

Hey, thank you! 😊

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1 year ago

I can feel how inlove you are. Hope you both have a strong relationship. :)

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1 year ago

Deadass in love. Hehe thank you, and for dropping by as well. It means a lot 😊

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1 year ago

Aww. You've done it again. Simping over your girl again. Hihii. She's the luckiest. 🥰

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1 year ago

I’m the luckiest bub hihi

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1 year ago